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 Unearthing a Legend - (Callineb/open) 
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Taff nodded at Wendy's words. Brett would be jealous of Dahna. At least until she realised that Dahna was just a student. But until then it would be wise to let Wendy tend to her.
He got up from the bed and smiled to Wendy,
What do they say?
That the life you save, is your responsibility.
There is much truth in those words. Look after her.
I should go to my Lady,

He sighed
and our other guests

He walked slowly back down the stairs, enjoying the moments to himself. He could see Sayer talking to Arrnek in the study, so he felt they could be left for a moment.
As he padded up behind Brett to sweep her off her feet, he noticed a man stood in the doorway. He sighed regretfully and steeled himself for more pleasantries and banter. He appeared behind Brett's shoulder and slid an arm around her waist. He extended his free hand in greeting to the newcomer.
Greetings, I am Prif Call Taff.

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Do not attempt it in your own home.

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She blinked, peering through foggy vision toward a shape nearby. Where was she, and what had happened. The last thing she remembered she'd been sitting at a kitchen table speaking with Wendy. Almost as if the woman had heard her unvoiced thoughts, the shape moved closer into her line of sight as the blurriness cleared. Wendy reached down and brushed her hair off her face, feeling her temperature with the back of her hand.

You were a bit more tired than you thought, miss?

The smile the older woman gave her calmed her, but it didn't ease the embarrassment of having to be carried to bed like a child. Her eyes darted toward the door then back to Wendy's face with sleepy confusion.

Was I long asleep? How did I get here?

She had been feeling better since arriving in Callineb- but her body had been reacting and acting in such odd ways that she couldn't be certain she hadn't been unconscious for a long period of time. Biting her lip, she lay back into the pillows. She hoped it hadn't been long. She didn't want to burden Taff. She didn't want his wife-to-be worrying about her presence. And she certainly didn't want to cause either of them any problems with their faith. The more she thought about the problems she could cause, the more imperative it became to her, that she ask her question and then leave.

That was when she noticed the bindings on her arm. Blinking, she sat up slightly and glanced at the wrappings.

Will it take long?

She motioned toward her arm. She supposed her chances of sneaking out would be hindered as long as Wendy was attempting to heal her. Dahna couldn't imagine the conscientious woman allowing her to leave until she was certain that she had done all she could for the arm. So she would have to be here for a while longer. But only as long as necessary. She promised herself that as soon as she had her answer from Taff, and as soon as Wendy would allow, she would go. It would be best. Even so, she couldn't help but feel some small measure of relief that she didn't have to leave right that moment.

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New thread please.

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