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 Wanderings (Open) 
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OOC: Bear with me, it's been 3+ years since I've tried this. ;) This is technically an Open RP thread, but please bear in mind that my character is essentially a loner (as will hopefully be evident within the beginning of the story), and most often wishes to be left alone. If you decide to post, he may or may not respond to what you do and/or say. I will not hide the fact that I'm doing this strictly for fulfilling post counter requirements, and not because I necessarily have the time nor energy to do this often.

However, I have the time this morning, and so I'm giving it a shot. This most likely will not be a regularly sustained story, so if you're looking for that, I probably will not be able to hold up my end of the deal. However, you are more than welcome to post, and I hope you enjoy.


He had ridden only a short way before reigning in his horse. Stopping, he looked back over his shoulder at yet another settlement that just did not suit him. He didn't know why he bothered. Everywhere he went, people were attempting to put their expectations on him. He had to look and act a certain way, or participate in town meetings (which were often lame excuses for rhetorical repartee that he had no interest in taking part in....they were usually boring and not well thought-out nor coherent), or at the worst, be devoted to a god.

Glorfindel was really not a drow of faith. Over the years, he had learned to rely on his own abilities and his own instincts to satisfy his needs. He could
only rely on himself, because men and gods would always fail him. He had been an assassin, a warrior, a vizier, a general, and a king. And he had been friend and lover, but such remembrances were uncomfortable and he forced himself to think upon something else.

Bringing his eyes back into focus, he stared at the rooftops of the tall buildings in the distance.

How proud they must be, he thought to himself. And foolish.

He knew it was only a matter of time before the rooftops would tumble, most often by sorcerous fire. In this land of war, sorcery, and bloodshed, no man-made structure ever stood for very long, and he briefly wondered why men kept choosing to be impractical by flaunting their power through architecture. Of course, as a rule, all men were foolish. These he had just left were no different.

They were one of those that had required that he participate in town meetings. Why couldn't he have just been left alone? Really all he was looking for was a place to settle in peace and quiet (what little there was in this land) until the time came to where he was called to defend his homeland. With a wince, and then a grim twist to his mouth, he remembered, But I don't really have a homeland. It didn't matter, one place could be as good as another, so long as he could be left in peace.

He watched as the standards bearing the mark of Isonia were raised along the parapets of the walls surrounding the city. Turning around to face forward, he urged his horse to a trot with the sun rising at his back.

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