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 The traveling minstrel (Song v. MoS) 
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A messenger bird is let loose from a small window in the side of the mountain. It flies high and straight along the line of the range, woods and rough roads no barrier. The birds have proved the fastest unmagical means of transporting messages and safer to use than horse messenger. Accordingly the Ministry had receiving coops around the Isle in order to pass missives to various Isonian guilds and other key locations.

The receiving coop for this bird was located at the northern tip of the mountain range, just behind our warring Templars. A handler saw the flash of smoky gray and soft purple as the bird entered its coop. Retrieving the note from the bird, he passed it to a rider for the relatively short journey where the Templar armies were encamped.

Missive to the Lord Exodus from the Matriarch

Our position is no longer tenable. Their largest kingdoms cover their weaker too strongly and despite the righteous destruction of some of their large settlements, our armies had suffered too greatly in the initial attack by their already superior forces. We no longer have the forces capable of breaking their lines. The heathen now do move away allowing our forces to disengage. Your instructions are to fall back and hold position defending our borders.

Your leadership of the Templars during this defence has been noted well, Lord Exodus. As has the valour and courage of all of the Faithful. Isonia be with you.

The extraction of our armies from the area was made as difficult as possible. I did wonder that they found our modest group so threatening as to beleaguer us even when we were no threat at all? But in truth the ways of this newly sprung group were no longer surprising. What was more important was that it was my decision now whether to use their precedent and perpetuate this desparate and unnecessary land struggle or turn the Ministry to pursuits more worthy of our attention.

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Fri Jul 30, 2004 3:37 am
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no sooner than Lord Exodus had Received the Queens Orders, he saw the small Battalion Anarane had left Mounting and riding away from his lands. he then thought of his fallen First Knight, The Warrior had seen many Knights fall in Battle While he was king in that of his Homeland. It was he and his elders Tradition to bury their Knights with their Swords. But he Remembered the Gallant Knights Request that his eldest Son Anthony who was in Training as a Templar far to the west of the Isle be given his Sword Should he fall in Battle. The Warrior had Smiled and said Maybe thee should send a Scribe to thy Wife Now Gallant Knight for if you Fall i will Fall with thee. he had worked alongside what Villagers and Peasant were that spared all night and that morning burying their Dead he had ordered The First Knights Body nor Sword be touched. all the villagers and peasants had returned home and were morning their losses. only 1 Body Remained. 2 Templars stood by the warriors side and tried to help the Warrior when he started to lift his Knight and take him to Testaments Burial Grounds

No! Go Prepare my Horse and a small Battalion for a Journey West

The Warrior Stands looking out across Thousands of Swords with only 1 Sword left to be embedded in the Earth. He Lays the Knights Sword to the side and Pulls His Sword . The Sword Handed down to Him, That he had Became King with and Stabs it in the Earth as the Final Sword Lost in this Great Battle. he then Sheaths the Knights Sword and Mounts for the Journey West

~ Knights of the Sacred Order ~
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Fri Jul 30, 2004 2:17 pm
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