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Post (Closed Indefinately)
((Sorry, all.))

Christopher pushes open the heavy double doors to Theraloth's impressive library. His feet drag across the plush carpet and a tiny shiver of electricity shoots up his spine as he finds his favourite seat next to the stained glass window thankfully unoccupied. Harsh sunlight is filtered through the multi-coloured shards and casts a beautiful rainbow across the endless rows of ancient texts. He selects one at random and sits in a particularly ornate wooden chair.

"Ah," Christopher sighs with absolute content. "There is nothing in this world quite like a good book to refresh one's soul."

He flips open the cover and thumbs past the first few brittle pages to the table of contents.

"Now, where were we."

Just as he is about to enter his fantasy world of words and knowledge, a loud murmuring erupts from beside him where a group of students are gathered. Christopher huffs impatiently and slams the book closed, dust pouring out of the sides from the sheer force. He defiantly marches over to them and elbows his way to the centre where the leader of the group is standing.

"So its settled then. Tonight at midnight, we'll all sneak out of our dorms and meet at the gates to Oceven Cemetary."

"Now why the devil would you want to do that?" Christopher interrupts, slightly curious.

The boy sighs, exasperated.

"Do I have to explain it again? We're going to find out if the old legends are true - if it really is..." He pauses for effect. "Haunted."

A few moments of silence pass before Christopher bursts out in a fit of laughter.

"Haunted? Wow. Which one of us is the child now?"

Half of the group of students wander away, determined to look inconspicuous. The leader shushes Christopher and ushers him off to the far corner, away from the prying eyes of authority.

"We'll decide that tonight. Just show up, otherwise we'll all know that you were too scared too.

Christopher Solomon
Son of Daniel and Fiona Solomon
Rulers of the North Gate
And all around bratty little kid

Thu Jul 22, 2004 11:19 pm
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Bea steps out of her office and into the dimly lit hallway, turning slightly to close the heavy wooden door behind her. It makes a deafening clicking sound in the otherwise deathly silent night. Muffled voices from around the corner are carried on the wind to her aging ears and tickle her curiosity. With careful steps, Bea grows nearer to the source and strains to make out the words.

Oh, those old legends. Somehow they seem to surface every year; the same stale rumors every time. Nonchalantly, she turns the corner, giving a healthy start to the students caught up in the occult.

"Shouldn't you all be in your dorms by now?" Bea lets a thin smile spread across her face. There is no real harm here.

The students shuffle their feet and mutter a hurried "good night" to each other and the Head Chancellor, who heads off in the opposite direction. Charles will be thrilled to hear about this. He has always wanted to change his image.

Head Chancellor Beatrice Leveaux
[Theraloth University]

Thu Aug 05, 2004 12:50 am
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