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 Secrets of the Grail 
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Post Secrets of the Grail
OOC: This thread ties in with the post of Okami from and expands upon the character of Anthony DeLante, it will cover events prior and beyond the meeting of the Kage's. This thread is open but please PM me if you wish to join in.

The village was dead, it just wasn't aware of its condition yet.
There were dead and dying Elves strewn all about the place, yet still the village wouldn't relinquish his prize to him. For a moment Anthony regrets the wholesale slaughter of the inhabitants, reasoning that perhaps one of them would have been able to show him the location of that which had drawn him here. However regret is not something the undead hold onto for long and Anthony soon casts the feeling aside, he knows that non of them would have given up the prize to him and he had simply saved himself wasted breath by tearing them apart.
He adjusts the Crown of Everlasting Conquest upon his head, smoothing out his long white mane of hair as he gazes contemplatively at his surroundings. One of the sorcerers he had brought with him from the Hidden Shadow had suggested that perhaps once the lifeforce of this villages protectors had expired it would be unable to prevent him from scrying the location of his trinket, the temerity to make a suggestion had earned the wraith some rather scathing retorts but still Anthony had given the idea consideration and decided to put it to the test. After all it was hardly skin off his nose to snuff out their existance and if word of it reached Mashiro he could always claim it was just another attempt at spreading word of the Night Guards reemergance into the world once more.
Sighing softly Anthony seats himself on the damp earth beside the corpse of a young Elvish maiden, reaching over to drag her head into his lap. He strokes her hair softly and coos sweet words as he locks eyes with her cold and empty gaze, as he cradles her into sitting position he drops his mouth to the gash on her slender neck and sups lightly of the blood that rests there. It is cold yet not altogether unpleasant, a strange hint of sweetness to the usual coppery tang that he imagines is the last lingering hint of magic that is slowly fading from her veins.
He laughs and raises to his feet suddenly, casting the girls body aside like a discarded doll and spinning on his heel as he admonishes himself for such a foolish flight of fancy. Such imaginings were obviously tied closely with the excitement he felt at finally being so close to one of the final pieces of his eternal puzzle. It had been nearly eight hundred years since he had started this quest and the idea that it could soon be complete filled him with a tingle of anticipation that he couldn't quell no matter how hard he had tried, offers up a silent thank you to the soul of the unfortunate merchant who Anthony had "aqquired" the map to this village from and even pauses to appreciate the irony of something so important to him dwelling so close to his base of operations for so long without him ever suspecting.
However he forces himself to put aside all thoughts of this quest for now, it is almost time for him to return to the Kage's side and accompany him to the meeting place and he would never defy Mashiro...not for now that is. No it would be best for him to withdraw his forces from the village, it would not do for Mashiro or his pet seer to discover that Anthony had "borrowed" forces from the village without seeking permission since he would then have to explain his actions before he is ready to do so. He smiles sly to himself and waves over one of the wraith ninjas that had accompanied him,

I must leave and return to the Kage's side. This village is very important to us though, you are to place the Kasaichie in the positions that I outlined earlier and then return to the village.

Anthony watches the wraith glide away and nods slightly to himself, they were unnervingly silent creatures but their competence was without question...wether or not they could be trusted to maintain that silence when it would benefit him the most however was another matter entirely. That, though, is a problem to be given consideration at another time, now he can only concern himself with the tasks set to him by the Kage untill such time that he can return to this place and hopefully discover the location of the final item he needed to discover the location of the prize he has coveted for so very long now.

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