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 Unfinished Business [TEN vs TI] 
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Post Unfinished Business [TEN vs TI]
FURY OF THE TEN - Average - High Elite
The IMPERIUM - Average - High Elite

Several days had passed since the battle around the walls of Calineb. Everything was in readyment for the upcoming solstice, but there was one piece of unfinished business remaining. Islia looked over the reports that had come in while she was away finding the boy. The war with Callineb had not given her much time to contemplate the incursions from The Imperium.

It was becoming increasingly obvious that the legions had been preparing to march upon the grounds under control of the Flutes. It was also obvious that these incursions were pointing towards an attempt to take land near to the stones. This could not be allowed to happen.

The Flutes were dispatched to gather inteligence on the possibility of the threat posed by the Imperium, and the Nubash armies followed in their footprints. Decisive action needed to be taken, to ensure that there would be no problems during the ceremony.

As the armies of Intop marched towards the cities of the Imperium, Islia looked over the reports she had received from the Divine Light. The battle with the Hidden was not going well for the allies of the TEN, but they were holding their own. Reports suggested only a few pockets of strength remaining in the lands of the Hidden. These pockets of strength were considerable, but she felt Calis was well equipped to batter them down eventually.

Joining her Immortal Flute, Islia slipped away into the darkness. Heading towards the lands of those who would disrupt Niruin's return.

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Sun Jul 25, 2004 3:31 pm
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[ooc]Best of Luck TI[/occ]

Pyren had just reached the circle of stone when word came of the war with the imperium, pondering his next move he had already allowed his mount to roam free and the animal needed a rest. Leaving his saddle by one of the stones Pyren summoned his staff .He then tapped the black ornately carved staff on the ground and in the few moments it took for the black cloud to swirl down the shaft , he was air born and speeding towards his kingdom.
He had been informed when he landed that the others of Intop had already marched and he was late in arriving, cursing to himself Pyren bellowed the order of assembly and awaited his armies outside the city walls.

Pyren watched as his armies filed out of the city gates like ants to a feeding frenzy, the intelligence reports he had been given were pleasing as many of Ten had done well in the strike. He would not be the exception, tapping his staff again on the ground and rising into the above his men Pyren bellowed his command.

Tonight we march on The Imperium, we will cut a swath of destruction so large, that all who see it will know we have come this way, let nothing stop you in your dealing of death , for tonight we attack four realms tonight, we have much to catch up on.
Cheers and war cries that near shook the walls of his keep down , echoed through the valley, tonight would be a bloody one and those of The Imperium, would be paying the heavy price

~From the endless void we come, and blackness shall consume us. Time is the abyss and death has no meaning~
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Mon Jul 26, 2004 12:09 am

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Standing on the balcony of his mountain fortress Tovarn watches as storm clouds approach from the north. While surveying the capital city of his territory he watches a rider approaching the gate. As soon as the rider is let into the gate it begins to rain. Tovarn smiles as water streams down his face because of the heavy rains. He watches in the distance as lightning flashes in the distance behind the mountains on the horizon. "I wonder what news the rider has brought. "

Suddenly the balcony door is opened and several of his advisor's and the rider walk out into the rain. "I have a message for you Tovarn."

"We should go inside to discuss this matter. Follow me to the library where we will discuss the news you have brought." Tovarn leads everyone to the library. "Everyone wait here in the library until I return."

Tovarn proceeds to his room to exchange his wet clothes for dry ones. After changing his attire he heads back to the library. "Tovarn
the armies of TEN are going to engage the armies of The Imperium shortly. I have come to warn you about this so you may conscript as many warriors as possible before the start of the hostilities."

"I will have my generals conscript as many nubash as possible before the beginning of the war. Someone inform the generals to begin calling up the nubash and preparing them for battle. We march as soon as the army is ready. "

He watches as one of his advisor's leave to inform the generals of the upcoming battle. "Sir here are your orders for your armies. I must depart your fine realm to attend to my duties elsewhere." The messenger left the library before Tovarn could say anything else.

Tovarn exited the library to find out how his generals were doing in conscripting the nubash required for the upcoming campaign. He watched for three days as thousands of nubash were formed into battalions. The generals had raised an army quicker than he thought possible. He walked up to his generals and gave them copies of the orders he had received. "You must depart in two days to join the offensive operation against The Imperium. I await news of your performance in the coming battle.

On the day of his armies departure citizens line the streets wishing the generals and troops good luck in battle. Tovarn watched the army depart until they finally disappeared from view. Now the populace of his realm and himself awaited word from the front lines.

To Tovarn
As the nubash approached the first city I watched in amazement as they proceeded to break down the defenses of the enemy. It was quite alarming as these stone warriors began to destroy anything in sight without any emotion at all. The enemy put up a courageous fight but the nubash were just to strong and overwhelmed them. Destruction seems a natural profession for the nubash. I could only watch as they tore down fortifications and crushed enemy soldiers that stood in their path. The ceremony everyone is preparing for should go as planned. Hopefully everything at home is quiet.

General Nzoral

General Nzoral hands the hastily written message to a messenger to be sent back home.


Mon Jul 26, 2004 12:59 am
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The rain fell, and stil the fires burned. Everything was on fire, the smoke was so thick it threatened to choke the heavens. The armies of Ten had come and all was as it usually was. Chaos erupted everywhere like juice from a ripe melon.

And still the young demon reamined calm, a look of serinity upon his face. The walls shook and dust rained down from the cieling. The last line of defence had broken and the end rushed upon Nether, threatening to wash him away.

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Mon Jul 26, 2004 3:01 pm
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