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 Trickles Through Time (TNG - Rain Clan) 
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Post Trickles Through Time (TNG - Rain Clan)
(OOC: This thread is open to all of TNG, but is specifically for those who choose to play Rain Clan alts.)

Cadence sat in the observatory of Jodis's keep, staring intently at the stars as they passed overhead. It was in the quiet of the night that she truly found the peace she so loved. Otherwise her life was far more demanding than she had ever intended for it to become, especially when Jodis was tending to her duties as Kage outside of the clan borders. Her soft brown eyes scanned the familiar constellations of the Panther and the Water Jug, memorizing their current location and quickly calculating where they would be in the coming nights with relation to the brightest star in the sky, the one her mother had always called Yetria.

The elf tore her gaze away from the heavens and looked out the window to survey the village. Pale candle glows flickered and twinkled in the surrounding darkness much like an earthbound constellation. These people were in her care for the time being. Her people. A rare smile curled Cadence's lips as she ran her fingertips along the rough hewn stone of the window ledge. She would do all in her power to be sure that these people were safe.

'No matter who or what seems to be running contrary to your will, Jodis, the people of the Rain will be well upon your return.'

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She lifted her head and looked out the dark window. She hadn't meant to fall asleep while watching over her mother, but somehow she had. With a soft sigh she stood and tucked the covers in under the frail older woman's chin and silently moved from the sick room. A faint tapping sounded from the front room of their home. Berynna frowned to herself and checked to make sure she looked appropriate, then moved to answer the front door.

"My lady," a whispered voice spoke from shadows even the light of the moon couldn't pierce. "You wished for me to come to you."

"Yes," she narrowed her dark brown eyes with a small measure of suspicion, "but I also told you not to hide from me while speaking to me." The ninja slowly coalesced into sight. "While I appreciate your skills and how they help me, Tanen, I am mildly uncomfortable speaking to vapors." Her full lips curled into a beautiful smile that only barely touched her eyes, but the man standing before her melted into a pleased yet dazed smile of his own.

"My apologies, my lady. I just didn't wish to be seen before speaking to you." Berynna nodded understandingly, and invited the man into her home. "I bring you news of the one who holds the position of Kage over our people." The mage's eyes glinted in the flickering candlelight of her sitting room as her smile grew. She sat on a couch and placed her hand on the spot next to her, licking her lips in such a way that she knew made Tanen eager to do anything she asked of him.

"Come then, sweet ninja, and tell me what you know of dear Jodis's whereabouts, how long she will be gone, when she will return, and if she knows she was followed." The man moved to her side as if in a trance, nodding and licking his lips as well. "Tell me everything."

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