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 Maelstrom declares on Chan'ti 
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Post Maelstrom declares on Chan'ti
Anguish, the tortured screams of war, not for me, not here not now. I was not just given this name, I live this name. War is for the feeble, the weak, the unintelligent. I run my kingdom not for war, but for glory, the glory of Foret.

You shout your words, your words are weapons, bells of war ring through. Strike up your band, let your music play, I dance to a different beat. War is ugly, my music is sweet. Yours deserves not even a bone. Corner a beast and claws shall fly, so it looks as if you have no choice. Morale is my secret weapon, my soothing minstrel sound, calms all around it til life begins to live. You leave me know choice, as I am one with the shrouded rogues, my lyre is ready for all. Come closer, fear further, your soul is mine to keep. Your weary warriors wonder near, and my song it turns an ear, they listen to the happy notes that passiveness will bring. No nightmares here, just happy thoughts, slinking in the dark.

Don't turn your back or you will see the last sight you'll ever see sooner than you'd like, for we are sneaky Chan'ti, and our intelligence is key, you think your brute mentality guarentees a victory, but spoils is a verb to you, as your rotting flesh begins to stink your rubble. Maelstrom is a loving term and so it comes to pass, this Pacifist has drawn his sword, his song ne'er singing more pure. Forgiveness is His blessing, and you will all have a kneel at my sword. Blood is not a nurture, thus it is not overly needed. Come to me you Isonian lot, I will you the way, but if war is what you want, then pity I have for you.

So it is said, so it must be, you are already surrounded, strike true my Chan'ti!

Mon Jul 26, 2004 10:22 pm
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Jerusalem slammed his sword hilt-first into the face of one of the multi-limbed abominations, following up with a left hook to the beast's chin as it fell backwards to the floor.

"The name's Jerusalem Steel, you fell abomination."

He raised his sword, assuming a two handed grip as the clouds parted and the sun emerged to reflect it's brilliant light against the shining metal blade.

"Make sure you spell it properly when you tell it to your master - in hell!"

Pausing a moment to see the creature's eyes widen in fear, the sword descended to find it's home embedded deep into the innards of the beast. Jerusalem twisted the sword savagely, before pulling it cleanly out of the fallen creature and watching the light fade from the two mismatched eyes.

The bestial howls of the enemy were quieter, now; the initial attack had been seen off, and Jerusalem's quad were on cleanup duty behind the lines, hunting and killing those creations unfortunate enough to remain in Foret lands. No mercy awaited those twisted creations of heathen magic - only the release into the bowels of hell provided by four feet of shining cold steel.

To his left came a muffled explosion and a human figure staggered into sight, splattered with a foul smelling gunge which lay in a thin sheen over most of his dark clothing. Scraping some of the pungent slime from his face, he tipped his leather hat to Jerusalem and leaned against the wall of the building in whose lee they stood. Wordless, his laboured breath spoke of a fight only recently won.


"He chased two of them into the woods; should be back soon."

"And Damascus?"

"Last I saw, he was hot on the tail of one of the big bastards and heading towards the caves."

"Just the two of us, then, for now; there's a couple of likely spots just ahead. I'll take point, you skirt the edge of the village and shout if you need a hand."

The other man snorted in derision. "I'll come if you shout."

With a grin, Jerusalem turned on the spot and jogged into the darkness, his dark knee-length coat swirling in the night behind him.

A prince never lacks legitimate reasons to break his promise.
- Niccolo Machiavelli

Wed Jul 28, 2004 10:32 am
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