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 Eye of the Storm (TEN vs Maelstrom and Chan'ti) 
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Post Eye of the Storm (TEN vs Maelstrom and Chan'ti)
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The nomadic tribesmen waited calmly, rank upon rank of horsemen, bathed in the warmth of the early morning sun. Intop's blessing. The majority of the army formed up around the riders venerated Intop, rather than Darden. A strange people, especially considering the walking dead amongst the ranks of those who had once again purchased the services of the tribesmen. Vampires, it was said, feared the kiss of the sun's rays as anathema to their kind, yet the ranks of the Cult of Intop were bolstered by such beings amongst the order known as the Silent Flute.

Tamlaine shrugged. The affairs of his employers were really a very minor concern. As long as their invitations were backed up with cold wealth, and the cause just in the eyes of the steppes riders, the Khan's warriors were available.

Their current war, a war that would start as soon as the signal was given, pitted them against strange foes. Rumours amongst the forces spoke of the Black Mark sighted on corpses within the lands under the sway of the Cult of Intop, of missing wealth, of a rival guild of thieves and murderers whose very existance had offended the operatives of the Silent Flute. How much of the rumours floating around the army was true, none could say. Yet the rumours were believed enough that the Flute's operatives had once more made themselves known in the rolling grassland of the Steppe, offering wealth and a chance for glory in the name of Intop.

Yet it was not only Chan'ti that the Cult marched against. There was a second army, whose targets were... no, to be honest, Tamlaine did not know what to make of such rumours.

Beings from under the ground, they said. Very well, such things were hardly suprising to one who had ridden to war alongside the hosts of the Officium, among whose numbers marched the strange creatures known as the Anub-Re, the cave-dwelling, dog-headed fantics of the Officium whose steel-clad shieldwall had weathered many a storm in battle.

Yet the rumour surrounding the foes that the second army marched against spoke of beings who were not, seemingly, one race, as the Anub-Re were, but many. A foe who took slaves - that much was understandable, but the rumours spoke of their ability to turn those slaves into monsters, or possibly into the foe themselves. Of these strange peoples, there seemed to be a wealth of rumour and speculation, matched in scale only by the paucity of reliable information.

Perhaps the operatives of the Flute possessed more detailed information. If they did, it had not been shared with the men of the cult's army.

Tamlaine's ponderings were cut short by the signal. The orange standard upon which the troops were centered dipped once, twice. That was all.

With a thunderous galloping of hooves, the children of the Steppe rode forth in Darden's name to bring death to their enemies, the foot-soldiers following behind at a deliberate trot.

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“They are half our size Chancellor, are you sure this is what you want from us?” Nil Spaar said with little movement in his eyes.

Reylan sat in front of him, small cuts from the melee he had broken out of to reach Palos all over his face and hands. Briars were not a good thing for nobility. “I am sure.”

Nil Spaar laughed, “How do you want us to deal with them?”

”Harshly, they struck at us and some non-aligned states as though we were cattle; they proclaimed this guild Chan’ti also part of the conflict. They seek Foret’s utter destruction.” Reylan said shaken.

Nil Spaar parsed through his words carefully, the moment had come finally to gain trust from this faith of Law and Justice, “Very well, the full might of the Kin’Kaan will be loosed upon this unholy Ten, we will do the name of Foret justice … in our own special way.”

Reylan nodded and stood, “Maelstrom, it is what my father called his guild before he died, take the name as your own. Ride to Chan’ti, gather our forces there with their leadership, what I send with you will fight to the last man if necessary. I will not let my ambitions be trumped by a group of dim witted Dardenites.”

“Well then, this alliance has finally found a name, all the more better to spill blood by.” Nil Spaar said with a grin beneath the skull mask.

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To be at war again. It was refreshing, in a way. There was little to worry about save the usual trials of war. The day to day routines that grew so weary and boring could be set aside, and traded for the knowledge that any moment, ones life could be over.

He didn't mind, though. For in fact, war was what he had been born... created?... to do. He was Caelum Militis, leader of the Sky Keep, former General of the Sky Knights, ex-Captain of the Warguard of Rage. The Warguard was gone, though, the Sky Keep being all that remained. One lone castle, all that remained of a once great empire.

He flew a new flag now, for being completely isolated on the Isle could make life very hard indeed. The flag that flew over the keep now was one of an old ally, and for now, it was 'home'.

-M'Lord, the war trumpets have sounded. It is very soon that we must march.

"I know. I am ready, as long as our troops are. What's the word from them?"

-The mages, as insane as they are, have been prepared. An unprecedented amount, this many mages have not been gathered by us for many many ages. I do not know how safe this act is...-

"We have little choice. With our priests praying, and our mages channeling the God's power, it will have to be enough. Though Darden has not looked kindly upon those asking for magical aid, as of late. We will do our best. Have the portals readied.

-As you wish, M'Lord.-

The attendant departed, and Caelum scanned the room once more. Each time he left, he was unsure if he would be returning to this great Keep. Yet war called, and each time, he marched on, knowing it could be the last.


The sun was just setting on the plains outside the village, when the air grew hazy. Shimmering figures appeared, stepping forward. Most of them, oddly enough, bound, gagged, and blindfolded. Even then, their screams and wails could be heard. Behind those, a quarter as many troops stood, weapons drawn. As all of the figures appeared, the shimmering faded, not to return. For these teleportaions required extensive amounts of energy to be expended, and it was not realistic to travel with enough sane mages to make a return trip. No, these magical visits were one way only. The trip home, should there one, would be made on foot.

Caelum motioned for the troops to spread out, checking the surroundings for enemy troops. He needed not, though, for his warriors were trained well enough that they had been fanning out since the moment they arrived. After the all clear had been signaled, Caelum motioned again, and the bound-ones were gently pushed forward.

Caelum had little idea what he would be facing this day. The rumors had spread quickly, but were fragmented and disjointed. All that was truely known was that something had destroyed the village of Palos, and was in all likelyhood spreading itself outwards from there.

This particular bit of land was on the outskirts of the territory Palos resided in, as an assault on the city itself would be suicide. From what little was gathered through the rumors, it seemed likely that an assault on Palos itself would not even leave enough survivors to report the true conditions of the city. And so the mages moved for the outskirts, to see how these new being fared against magic.

As the battalion of mages grew close enough to the city, they were halted, and the signal was given to ready them. Their bonds were cut, leaving only their gags and blindfolds, held together with a single strap, which could be quickly undone with a sharp tug upon it.

The air hung tense for several long moments. The mages, though unbound, seemed lifeless, their arms hanging at their sides. Then, the battlecry went up, a sharp yell, and the warriors began pulling loose the bands which kept the mages deaf and mute. Though lifeless to begin, as soon as the last of their bindings feel free, the crackled to life, lightning springing up around them. The warriors, as soon as the last mage was freed, hastily retreated, as all hell broke free.

Within moments, the mages had picked up the warcry and made it their own, an eerie wail of anguish rolling across the fields. And following directly behind those wails were the waves of pure unadulterated magic. Waves of earth crashed against the village, rain of fire fell from the sky, gushers of water burst from the ground, and the air itself filled with pockets of static strong enough to stop ones heart.

The assault took only minutes to rend the village apart. One by one, as the mages released their devestating energies, they fell to the ground, truely lifeless now. For weilding such power, the raw power which drove them insane in the first place, killed them when released. They were immensely powerful, but they were a one time attack.

And as the final mage fell, the warriors closed in. It was their turn now, to survey the damages, kill or capture any survivors, and perhaps find out what was happening here. Perhaps find out what these creatures were that had invaded Palos.

Caelum led the charge into the city. As the leader it was only fair that he march with his soldiers, for he could not ask anyone to do that which he could not do himself. Though he was indeed both curious, and bit frightened, at what he may find...

(OOC: Leaders of Maelstrom; If any of the details concerning your own actions (such as the taking of Palos, and subsequent spread) are not correct, or should be changed, please contact me via PM so that I may make any neccessary changes.)

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Monster had gotten word that the forces of the Ten may be moving very soon, so he sat impatiently in one of his windows overlooking the gathering troops. He was sharpening his axe for almost 2 hours before one of his attendants barged into the room.

WAR MY LORD, WAR! All forces are to go visit the lands of foret and greet them with destruction and mayhem.

Monster grinned and fell out of the window strapped his axe to his back and opened his wings. At the last moment before hitting some of his troops on the head he leveled his flight and start yelling at the top of his lungs.

The time we waited so long for has finally arrived. Grab your arms the armies of the heathen god foret is our target. All of foret is our target get ready to destroy.

Monster had been waiting for this day for way to long in his opinion. He craved fresh blood, and he wanted more of it then what he was able to hunt himslef. The time for his axe to sing and provide him with the food and flesh he had been craving for weeks.

His troops marched at the fastest pace possible and got his orders while in mid-march from his runners. The army turned its march right at his target. The enemy would be very surprised to see this coming into their walls. Soon very soon what this army truly lived for would come true. The heat of battle is what Monster and his troops lived for and nothing else.

Later that day the target was in sight and one other from TEN had already started an attack. Monster ordered his troops directly into the frey. Then more of his allies showed up and threw themselves into the battle. It was not long before this realm fell and was mostly in ruin. Then all the lords got new orders and they all parted ways and marched onto the next targets given to them.

That was an incredible harvest. Leave the gatherers here to grab as many corpses as possible and take them back to my storehouse. Then have them meet with us at the next stage of our fun.

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OOC... U can change the game but ya can not change the players... Cowards...
How Maelstrom is even ranked considering that they have less than 10 members is beyond me...

The swine swooped in upon them. The pigs think that they can just feed from us like we are fucking cattle huh? Hidden might have fallen and its members scattered but he was sure that someone would stand against the bastards that chose to try to feed from...

He sent his measley army out defend the name of FORET. The time for action has come and gone. Glory will wash upon us in waves.

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Pyren had put the finishing touches to his realm and his armies, long and hard did he make them train, for in it their survival would depend on. The morale of his men were high and they eagered for battle, such was the way of those who were young and new to war .But Pyren just smiled at their enthusiasm and earnst in willing to serve under his command. Rumors and heresay were abundant as of late of war on the horizon and when word came that those of Forets chosen were marked , his armies needed little prooding in their endeavors.
Many of the heathens had already been attacked by the others of Ten, when his orders arrived and in less then half a day's time several of the heathens had felt the wrath of the angry titan , some got it more then others. But Pyren gave the devil his due, the heathen defenders fought valiantly in the defense of their homelands. But Pyren was no stranger to the arts of war, one by one his men proved relentless and unstoppable as they smashed thru the defenders.By nights fall when he returned home much was taken and little was lost all in all a good day.

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