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 Irresistable. {Light vs Fides} 
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Post Irresistable. {Light vs Fides}


A devastating volley of arrows rained down upon the fortresses of what could be any Elementum realm, clustered so thick together that the heathen defenders were dead before they knew it, stuck like a grotesque pincushion.

In the wake of the carnage followed gargantum salamanders, stopping as much often to devour the fallen - arrows and all - as they struck down more.

It was carnage, pure carnage, and the kind of bloodlust that could only be the result of a long, long, history of hate and betrayal.

It was the kind of war that would infuse both sides with blind fury, the kind of war that knew no common sense or decency or righteousness.

It was a war between the Light and the Fides.

What less could be expected?

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Sat Aug 07, 2004 6:42 pm
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It had been ages since Bob Wahn had seen the lands of the Fides, and every time he sees them chills run up and down his spine. Overcoming his fear, Bob Wahn guided his troops into formation. He raised his sword and shouted the word that everyone wanted to do but were scared to fulfill. "CHARGE!"

With those words, Bob Wahn committed his troops to a possible slaughter, but also to a possibility to smite the heathens and bring glory to Darden.

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Sat Aug 07, 2004 6:53 pm
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::It was a beautiful day to go to war, the sun was up, the sky's were clear, and the birds were singing in the trees. I sat on my horse, looking out onto the lands of Fides. Behind me my army of Vogons sat in wait for my order. This was my first war under the banner of Light and I wanted to impress...unfortunately since I haven't been in the lands of Light for too long my kingdom was still pretty small. I sat and watched as other armies broke down the walls to the lands of Fides::

"They are doing a great job at taking down there defenses"

::I was talking to myself again...I do that some times. Now that the heathens defenses have been broken it is time to move my army in and claim some land for myself::

"Alright men, stand up and look lively. Its time to expand our borders and kill some heathens"

::And thats exactly what my army of Vogons did they killed heathens by the many and claimed thousands of acres for my rule::

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Sat Aug 07, 2004 8:23 pm
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Ron had just gotten the news that war was breaking out between The Fides and The Light. He had only recently joined up with The Fides so he was both unexpected and unprepared. Luckily he had been in this situation many times before. His warriors would do their job the best they could. He would make sure of that.

Hopefully his work in this war would assure him a spot in his new guild for a long time to come. He knew that this first war was the key. This was his first impression. This was his chance to make it. Ron called his Commanders into his warroom and they made defense plans.

Light would make their move on him soon he thought. He just hoped that he would have his people ready in time.

He sent runners to all of his guard towers on the edges of his realm with messages to double the watch and to send out scouts to watch for enemy movements.

After the plans were made all he could do was sit back and wait for either and attack on his land or orders from his higher-ups to attack.

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