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 Tremor of Turmoil 
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Post Tremor of Turmoil
It was in these forgotten days that an earthquake slowly rocked through the northern wastes.

Some of the peasants said it was a sign of the powerfull gods. As yet another sign which seemed to increase the fanatic zeal of some.

A rare scientist, tried to explain that these occurences were not the voice of the gods. Yet the movement of the land over the hot inner core of the world. His voice allready rare was soon drowned out as he ended burning on the stake deemed not only a heathen. But also a dangerous heretic.

Yet in the deep halls of the burned down fortress, where none had stepped since long years past. Forgotten by most as cobwebs slowly grew over cobwebs. Forgotten by all, the sleeping place of an ancient power.

This was the place where one of the warlords of old had been sealed. Magic engravings ensuring that forever he would be trapped outside the flow of time. Never anything changing in the ruins of what was once a stronghold to behold. That was until the earthquake finally hit this dismal place.

In the dungeon deep below. Was a stonen door. With magical engravings and a seal. Untouched by time it seemed. Almost as if it held some power from the charms which had been cast upon it.

And then ... The earthquake came ...

Rocks started falling from the ceiling here, an old wall caving in there under the power of the soil. As the mountains themselves seemed to grunt under the power that made them move. So to the door seemed to move. Slowly trembling as the magical texts themselves started to move. Until finally, as the earthquake came to its end. All once more seemed to calm down. And silence once more filled this forgotten place.

And yet ... If one had been there to see. A change would have been observed. As in the magical seal now a tin fine crack had formed. crossing it from below right to upper left. Splitting the magical seal in two equal parts.

Sat Aug 06, 2005 5:46 pm
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Joined: Wed Sep 25, 2002 5:00 pm
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It was a seal from forgotten pasts, slowly shattering under the effects of an earthquake. Until finally broken in two it fell to the ground.

Then slowly the large stone door slided open. And for a moment like a black hole a deep darkness hung where moments before the closed door stood.

It was as if a coldness filled the room, as like two burning lights two eyes opened. slowly looking around taking in the old damage. done by a long past battle, as well as by the passing of time.

Slowly thoughts formed. Movement was hard these first few moments. Finally a shimmer of light sliding into the old forgotten room. A form, elvish in form could be seen sitting on what appeared like an old stone throne. A heart beating with life. As throwing off the enchantments breath slowly grew deeper.

'W ... , What ... , What has become of this world'

Finally a voice spoke. Almost with a cracking sound. As if not used to speak anymore. Breath slowly becomming more level as if he had to get used to breathing again.

How long has it been ?

The voice speaking in a soft tone. Almost as if he was talking to himself. His head turning left, then right. Taking in his surroundings one more time.

Looking at the defensive spells that he had drawn on the walls so long ago. They had kept him alive. Yet still he had been unable to break free. A stand off. For god knew how long.

Finally his eyes went to the shrine on the left, then the shrine on the right. Idol's of the scarred one standing at the shrines. Unused for so long.

Then it was as if he remembered something long forgotten. Something important.

Barnabas ...

And once more silence filled the room.

Sun Aug 07, 2005 6:06 am
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