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 Warguard Rising (WoR/open) 
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Post Warguard Rising (WoR/open)
(OOC: This thread is geared toward those who wish to join WoR or are already members, but anyone may post.)

Jushai paced furiously about the confines of his private chambers. His rage seemed to be growing with each passing moment, an even more sinister spite underneath, waiting and watching. The Warguard had only recently returned to the shores of Tonan and the situation throughout the lands was becoming more despicable with each passing day.

He was muttering quietly to himself now.

"This faction attacks that faction. Then one faction doesn't like that attack and launches one of their own in supposed defense of what their view of what is right and what is wrong in Tonan. And then we have the self-proclaimed Lords of Judgement parading around like they actually are worthy of some note.

Madness. Just madness."

He grew quiet once more and sat quietly at his work bench for some hours. A candle he had lit had long since burned down into darkness. And deep in the shadowed recesses of his elder mind, a course of action began to take shape. And as the hours continued to turn, he mulled the notion over and over.

At last, just as the last portions of the ideal was coming together, a gentle tapping fell upon his chamber door. Startled a tiny bit, he rose and went to open the polished oakwood.

His house servant was standing nervously in a torchlight hallway, his eyes gleaming awkwardly in the dull orange light of the small brand he held in a meatless hand.

"My Lord, guests have arrived. They are waiting in the foyer."

"Guests? I am not expecting guests." [color=#C0C0C0][i]he paused a short moment.
"Send them away. I am far too busy to see anyone at this time. Tell them to come back another time."[/i][/color]

Jushai was closing the door when the commotion began. It was raucous, and loud enough to reach his room from the great hall two flights below him.

"I tried, my Lord. They would not leave."

Jushai was reaching for his sword, an argent flame of anger beginning to simmer within.

"Would not leave you say?"
he was pacing down the hallway now. "Well then, let's see if mayhap I may convince them to leave. I am not in a kind mood just now."

The house servant was half running to match his lord's menacing pace. And as they began to desend the spiral stone stairwell down to the anteroom of the great hall, Jushai held up a spindly hand. At once the house servant halted and stood fast. And as Jushai disappeared through the doorway that led into the anteroom, the servant weakly shouted.

"I beg you take care, my liege. They looked somewhat rough."

"Rough indeed,"
grumbled Jushai in disdain as he entered the great hall from a side doorway.

Even in his current state he was taken aback by the vastness of the Thronehall of the Warguard of Rage. A large tapestry easily as tall and wide as a full score of men hung above an alabaster stone dais, it's grandiose elegance only diminished slightly by the opulent throne of polished dragonbone that rested beneath it's glory. The sigil and symbol of the Warguard was emblazoned upon the tapestry, it's glory and history undiminished by ages of time. A few lesser seats made of stone and wood sat weakly to each side of the great throne that dominated the hall's only furnishings. Opposite the splendor of the throne, and some one-hundred strides away across the hall, were the large oaken double doors were slung wide open.

Two very large men were noisily trying to bully their way past Jushai's House Guard into the hall. They looked as though they were about to succeed when Jushai angrily jammed the point of Soulbinder into the surface of the dais. The sentient nature of the blade was equally as angry as it's wielder; stone was hardly to be likened unto the sweet taste of blood and souls.

shouted Jushai, standing tall and firm in front of the dragon bone throne. "I will not desecrate this hall with such foolishness!!"

All at once, the small melee ceased. The House Guards still faced the two large men, obviously fighters by the look of their weapons and scale mail armor. Large round shields were slung across their backs as well.

"Who are you to offer even the slightest breath of defilement here, at the seat of the Warguard's power!?"
Jushai was pointing a spindly finger at the two men. His tone was menacing and serious. "This hall is reserved for those who swear fealty to the Warguard of Rage and it's Lords! Anything less and your lives are forfeit!"

Jushai stepped quickly down the two stone steps to the block stone flooring and strode purposely toward the two men. Soulbinder was twitiching hungrily in his grip.

"Well? Fealty, or will it be your lives?"
He was only twenty paces away now. "Why have you disturbed this hallowed hall?"

The two men, though large and physically imposing, were somewhat hesitant at Jushai's approach, and the malevolent gleam in his crimson eyes. One of them spoke, his voice steady, yet laced with the tones of caution.

"Fealty. We come to offer fealty and service to the Warguard, if it will have us."

One of the men dropped to one knee, absently yanking the other to a like position with a stern hand on an armored shoulder.

"We had only recently heard that the Warguard had returned to the land, or we would have come sooner. Tonan is not the place it was in ages past."

Jushai stood an armslength away from the men now. With a small gesture he dismissed the six guards and continued to listen.

"We are gravely sorry for the disturbance just now, my Lord. But, but the guards were very uncooperative. We have waited long and hoped longer yet that the Warguard might once again raise it's banner upon these shores."

The both of them raised their eyes to meet Jushai's, and raised the hilts of their broadswords to him as well.

"If the Warguard will have us, we would be honored to fight for it's cause and it's Captain."

Jushai stood quietly for a few moments. At last he took a deep breath.

"I am not Archangel. I am not the true Captain of the Warguard of Rage. I only hold a place in power until the Sky Lord returns."
He paused again, only shortly this time. "But until that time, I accept the burden of your service and welcome you to the Warguard. And when the time comes, I am certain you will pay full fealty to Archangel. He will, no doubt, demand it I would think."

Turning his back to the two newest warriors of the Warguard, Jushai strode back towards the dais.

"Come. Enter into the Hall of the Mighty. Walk where the both the great and the small have found their truest being and raised the chalice of victory."

He stepped up to the dais and turned as the two warriors slowly walked into the hall, gawking at the vastness that surrounded them.

"Yes, the Warguard has indeed returned to Tonan. And it will rise to heights of glory unsurpassed by it's own history. And this hall will take all who who pledge fealty and service. All who come to this place are welcome if their hearts are true and their service pure."

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He ran through the fields. He attracted strange stares form others in the region. He was about 6 foot tall with a heavy frame. He also possed a long well kept braid of jet black hair and dark brown almost black eyes. He was definitly a vampire. He had been running three days non-stop. He was on a mission and he must succeed. He had ran through rain and sun, streams and rivers. He must succeed. He decided to take a short rest when he noticed to his left that there was a banner flying on a parapet in the distance. He was close to finding what he searched for. He started of agian with renewed vitality. His pace had quickened from before. He aproached the keep and slowed. Finally I have reached it. The keep of the Warguard he tought. He staitend out his garments and proceeded to the door. Bang Bang was the sound as he knocked upon the door. "How may I help you ? a sevant asked. "I must speek with the captian of the Warguard." the vampire replied. "Who may I tell is here?" the servant asked. "Baron Singer." the vampire repied.

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"Then I assume you would welcome even I, he who holds the blade of the Archangel, and he who controls the Sky Lords lands in the time of his absence?"

Caelum Militis, General of the Sky Knights, strode forward from behind the two new recruits. His voice was ice, his posture straight, his eyes gleamed a cold fire. Across his back, between his folded jet-black wings, lay Soul Reaper, the sword with the late Captain of the Warguard had wielded most efficiently in battle.

He had found it simple to slip in through the commotion, though he had little doubt that being a recognized persona helped others to overlook him. He certainly would never have attempted to break into this keep otherwise.

He took several more steps towards the new Captain, and whipped his hand over his shoulder, drawing the Screaming Blade from it's sheath. It lay strangly silent though, as Caelum quickly held it before him, tip pointed towards the Captain...

... then turned the blade sideways, kneeling as he lay the sword at Jushai's feet.

"In the absence of my Sire, I pledge my undying alligence to you, newest Captain of the Warguard."

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