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 The Fishers strike Forets Foundation (OAFS vs Foundation) 
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Post The Fishers strike Forets Foundation (OAFS vs Foundation)
OOC: Note before the war starts, we had 2-3 of our own members gone including GM Nagash. Both Guilds were ranked "High Elite", so we're all about even.

His time had been spent quite well he thought, his digits had roamed many books that he wished to pack and take with him on his travel. Some included books on biology, or rather books that would assist in his bringing of chaos. He had quite enjoyed the thoughts that were coming into his mind. Such a troubled one these days, to kill and destroy more so than protect as usual. Looking to his generals he gave the nod to mobilize.

Mmm..Heathen flesh burning in the evening...It makes my mouth water! Generals, get your troops and set half our men to march. We strike now.

Quickly DarkWolf dawned his leather armors, nothing to heavy as he preferred to be quick with his strikes than defended well. His body was slowly becoming that of a warriors instead of a lords again, his hip finally became furnished with a sword he had long not used. It was many years since he had lead a strike himself, against the heathens, and had so many bodies! Yes he had slipped into his throws of madness again as he lead his troops to the kingdom they wished to destroy.

Now remember men, not only are we here to kill...we're here to rape, murder, torture, rob, and just be general pains in the ass! Remember then, always kill them after taking their women. We don't need half-ling bastards running around, or hell kill them before if that's your fetish! Now go, and bring me a pile of heads!

He had sent his troops into battle blindly, it had seemed they had just overwhelmed their target with their sheer numbers. He had managed to capture many and even a few horses in the battle. Of which he proudly gloated to his general.

Guess we're in for a late night now! Send my message to them.

Dear Foundation,

Got any of that berry stuff you put on your lips? Well if you do, put it on your women..and horses. Turns out, yours aren't as nasty as the darden women and actually enjoy our company! Well that's off topic after all, but I made a little poem for you, how do you like it?

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
Dogs are horny,
And so is my horse.

Well I suppose I should work on it..but please, make preparations to deliver skulls at least luke warm and full of gooey stuff! In all respect, you are quite cute when your bodies are being hacked into small pieces and fed to my pet humans...Well, cheerio!

See you soon,

Well, do you think that was Vulgar? Nah, send it, they might wear that berry stuff for their lips!

Neutrality is my stance,
Shadows are my tool,
Chaos is my plan.

OAFS, Chaos will live forever.

Fri Aug 27, 2004 8:41 pm
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The news arrives that we fight in a few hours.
Teva rushes around the castle running off orders left and right.
Someone find Sir Clint! I need him by my side when we ride to war.
Someone find my lucky leather pants and twill jacket!
Oh Yea! one more thing make sure there is plenty of cucumber and turnips for the men!

With the orders given Teva looks over the war plans from the scouts one more time to assure that everyone rides too the correct place.

Has anyone heard from Dark Wolf? or the others?

Now remembr we take on prisoners none.

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Fri Aug 27, 2004 8:57 pm

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The issues were argued
The battle was planned

Syphus was Taking
Extreme amounts of Land

The peasants were murdered
With bloodshed on their pillows

Syphus ahh... Syphus err... Damnit!!! I can never rhyme
Chiron murmured to himself.

Once the plans were set out Syphus did not ride out alone today, Hecktor strong and True, Azumi quick and Brave, Darkwolf sinister and well kinda a screwball, had all merged their great armies and attacked in force.

Leading the lefterish side of this mass formation. Syphus Charged forth on his mightily hairy and scrawny wargoat. Nude be he; he would not faulter in this assualt. The heathens had been seen numerous times in the oafs lands and this time they would pay.

Some People Spend an Entire Lifetime Wondering if They Made a Difference in the World. But, the Marines Don't Have that Problem. (President Ronald Reagan 1985) OAFS VM

Fri Aug 27, 2004 9:44 pm
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[OOC: To see my first post in regards to this war, its in "Forward the Foundation" RP thread /OOC]

*Standing in the shadows, Baltos watched the enemy assasin move right past him, and continue silently onwards towards the bedchambers. Quietly moving up the man with astonishing spead, Baltos grabbed him from behind and jerked his head back. Sinking his teeth into the mans neck, Baltos closed his eyes and enjoyed the pleasurable taste of the warm blood. When he finished feeding, he let the corpse drop and searched him. He found a small vial of liquid and a scroll. He undid the rope and unrolled the scroll, only to find a blank parchment. Smirking, he whispered a quiet incantation, and words danced to existence on the paper.*

We've recently learnt that the Vampire Baltos has pledged allegiance to The Foundation. He is a threat that MUST be eliminated! With him on their side, The Foundation has become even more formidable and may yet be able to stand against our assaults. In the vial is a mixture of garlic and holy water blessed by Isonia. Pour that down his throat while he sleeps and he will die almost instantly! On the back you will find a map through his estate, to the bedchambers. You cannot fail us!

Idiot...I sleep in the basement

*Baltos makes his way to down into the basement. Pushing aside a hiden panel in the wall, he steps through into a dark and dank passageway, which he follows for about fifteen minutes. Eventually, the tunnel opens up into a vast cavern, with tunnels running through it. Torches douse the cavern in a hazy light. In the center, there is a large table. Two men are seated at the table, their hoods up to hide their features.*

The war has started. This morning OAFS troops attacked Reylan's lands, and twenty minutes ago I killed an assasin upstairs.

*Again, Baltos smiles, showing his fangs which are still stained red with blood*

It is time we make our move. Tomorrow night, the Fishermen burn...

My thirst is never sated
Master of Shadows

The Foundation

Sat Aug 28, 2004 3:17 am

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With the battlelines now drawn, the Oafs quite clumisly continued to forward their positions. A few Foundation realms remained defended with their forts strong and their seasoned veterans holding true.

That all was about to change, the call had gone out and nubash from every cavern and lair raised from the earth. An army more massive then was gathered on the first night was now gathered again. Those of Foundation would soon find their realms asunder under this rolling avalance of moving rock.

Taking the lead on his mighty wargoat Chiron joined the other commanders. Time for kingdoms to crumble and heathens to die.

Some People Spend an Entire Lifetime Wondering if They Made a Difference in the World. But, the Marines Don't Have that Problem. (President Ronald Reagan 1985) OAFS VM

Wed Sep 01, 2004 7:32 am
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