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 New Allied Commander for EOD 
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Post New Allied Commander for EOD
OOC: just a little RP concerning a change in EOD leadership.

Devius was sitting at his desk in his throne room, going over stacks of reports as usual, most of them information on heathen scum. As he threw down one pile and picked up another to read through them, a man burst through his chambers doors. Devius's guards quickly moved to neutralize the man, but Devius held up a hand and the guards stopped, standing at attention.

The man was EOD's Allied Commander, Devius's trusted "right-hand-man" and man in charge of all the forces of EOD. The Co-GM began babbling about rumors and Devius getting in the way all the time, then he denounced his guild and proceeded out of the throne room, leaving DeviusZwei amazed and bewildered.

What could cause my most trusted ally, my co-gm of Eaters of the Dead, to act in such a rash manner? He had even carried out his orders from the night before, and then left the guild... It just didn't make any sense. Devius thought.

Well DeviusZwei figured that his former Allied Commander must have been tempted by something or someone. Perhaps it was more power he was seeking? Though Devius thought he had given his Allied Commander all the power he wished, perhaps he had not? Or perhaps it was another guild recruiting the co-gm from Devius and EOD? Devius did not know, but wished to think of it no longer. Besides, Devius happened to know a man who could do a better job than his former Allied Commander anyways, and so he prepared for his journey to recruit the new co-gm. He soon called for his stallion and a few thousand of his best men to carivan him to the nation of an ally far to the west of his own realm.

DeviusZwei rode with his carivan for seven days and seven nights, and upon reaching his destination, he prayed to Darden to help him find a new Allied Commander, worthy of such power and responsibility, and able to carry EOD into greater strength in the land of Tonan.

When Devius approached the gates of his ally's realm, he was met by servants and guards, though the guards bowed to him, rather than question his identity and mission. Devius was quickly taken to the castle of the realm, where he met with his most trusted ally,
Lazaruss, GM of OI. Devius stood before Lazaruss, tired from a long journey. But as he spoke to ask of Lazaruss's assistance, he could already see that he had come to the right man.

"My good lord, I come to you from the East, from the realms of Eaters of the Dead, with a proposal for a worthy ruler such as yourself. I am in dire need of a man who can handle power and responsibility, and one who will not betray me when times get rough. Your sire, I bid you, come back with me to the lands of EOD and together we shall reign supreme over all who oppose Darden. Be my new Allied Commander."

As Devius watched Lazaruss think over it quickly, he knew he had made the right decision. This was a man he could trust to fight for Darden no matter what troubles may come to him, and one he could trust to stay with the guild he gave his word to. Yes, it was quite clear that upon acceptance of Devius's offer, this new Allied Commander would by far surpass the old Commander, and lead EOD to greatness.

DeviusZwei, formerly known as Penis With Ears or PWE.
|EATERS GM| / Worst Diplomat since Dysh (but running this age, so vote DeviusZwei!)

Sat Oct 09, 2004 8:39 pm
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