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 Repercussions (FA - Invite Only) 
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Post Repercussions (FA - Invite Only)
She awakens in pain, and confusion.

She is cold. This is the first thought to register in her mind. The second thought is that it is raining. The third thought is that she is naked, which goes a long way in explaining why she is so cold.

Involuntarily, like a kettle releasing steam, a cry of pain begins to issue forth from her mouth. Her eyes flick open and she sits upright in one jerking motion. As abruptly as it has begun, her cry subsides, to be replaced by a slight shivering that has nothing at all to do with how cold she is.

Everything feels... wrong. She barely feels the rain, as the feeling of wrongness fills her more with each tremble, each shake. Slowly, she raises a hand. Four fingers, a thumb, all of pale skin... they move individually on command, with only a trace amount of pain that is even now fleeing. Her gaze turns down, scanning what she can see of her sitting body.

She is unharmed, intact. Yet she can't shake the sense that something is terribly wrong...

With a sudden jerk of her neck, she looks at her surrounding, first left, then right, in two sharp movements. The trembling still has not stopped. She is in a forest. Ferns, some growing to twice her height, seem to be the dominant form of vegetation; the trees are evergreens, as is usual in forests, and there appears to be two dominant species, but their names elude her.


The trembling stops suddenly, the woman's eyes still peering into the woods to her right, though at the same time not peering, as she looks inward at a problem that terrifies her. Finally, as if the problem cannot be fully believed without first being verbalized, she speaks, her words barely a whisper.

What is my name?

Abruptly, the shivering starts again, and this time it is because of the cold. Rain is dripping on to her in great rivulets now as the storm above intensifies, water rushing down branches to fall in streams around her. Naked. She looks again at her body. She should not be naked - why is she naked? She looks around. Why is she alone? For that matter... why is she here?

Where is here?

With that question comes another realization, and the sense of wrongness is finally explained. 'Here' is an entirely meaningless word to her. When she tries to think of any place besides the woods around her, she draws a blank. She knows there are other places. She knows it! Why are they not coming to mind?

What has happened to me? Her mind silently screams. Who is me? Unbidden, tears spring to her eyes, winding their silent way down her cheeks, to drip onto her breasts, her tears mingling with the tears of the sky as they trickle their way down her body, until finally falling to the forest floor.

Slowly, she stands. It is difficult; her limbs feel atrophied, weak, as if she has been sick for a long time. For all she knows, she has been. The last thing she remembers is... the last thing... her mind rebels against the thought, veering away from the void that was once her mind. She stumbles a bit as she falls, catching her self on the trunk of a tree. Slowly, she turns herself around, leans on the tree, partly shielded from the downpour now.

She stays like this for some time, shivering, trying desperately to remember something about her life. Anything. All she finds is void.

Shelter. The word rings in her mind like a bell's toll. If she doesn't find shelter, she will die. Despite her lack of self - or perhaps because of it - this possibility bothers her considerably. If she dies now, she will never discover who she is.

So thinking, she sets out, heading straight in the direction she is facing.

~Christoph / Rain

Sun Aug 28, 2005 7:21 pm
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Hours pass.

The forest appears to go on forever. Evergreens, ferns, creeping vines, fluttering birds, multi coloured insects... the landscape is unchanging, every step bringing only more of the same. The soles of her feet are muddy now, dirt and rain combining to form a soft covering for the soles of her feet. She is happy for the protection, slight though it is.

Abruptly, something changes. The sounds of the forest have changed, ever so slightly... listening, she stops moving.

The birds have stopped their incessant chirping. The only sound she can hear is the slight buzzing of various insects. Sensing something, though not sure how she's sensing it, she turns to the left. Twin glowing orbs stare at her out of a mass of ferns. Seeing her seeing them, the orbs leap. A panther is pulled along with them.

The cat lands in front of her, and a low growl emerges from its throat. She knows, somewhere in the back of her mind, that this is a threat... she is in danger. Yet, the thought cannot force its way to the forefront of her mind. Something else holds sway there... fascination, as she stares at the interlocking webs of energy that spin around and through the creature. Greens of all different shades, moving and shimmering with every breath the cat takes. As if entranced, she reaches a hand out to touch the creature on its cheek.

Confused by her lack of fear, the cat takes a step back. She follows. Again, the cat backs up; it is used to prey running, cowering, not calmly striding towards it. Uncertainty fills it. Her hand brushes its fur, sending a jolt through both of them.

She feels the cat, feels its very essence. The coils of energy that flow through its limbs, the pumping of its heart forcing blood back and forth throughout its body, digestive enzymes, nerves - in one moment she feels all of them.

Then the moment ends as the cat screams in terror and turns tail, fleeing through the forest.

For several minutes she simply stands, ignoring the rain pouring down her body and the shivers that are threatening to collapse her legs, staring after the panther with a longing look in her eyes. Finally, the shivering brings her back to herself. She resolutely continues her trek through the forest.

An hour later, the forest abruptly gives way to fields. In the distance, she can see a light... she can make out a vague shape through the shadowed darkness of the storm, something that looks vaguely like a house. She heads toward it... and stumbles. And falls.

She tries to stand... her legs refuse to obey her. She is too cold, too weak. Propped on her hands, she can see the lights of the farmhouse glittering in the distance. Stubbornly, she pulls herself forward with her arms, dragging her collapsing body forward inch by inch, until her arms give way and she falls to the ground, her face burying itself in the muddy turf of the field.

With the last of her strength, she rolls herself onto her back, allowing her to breath. So close... she knows, without knowing how she knows, that if she had made it to that light she would have been safe. So close.

Frustration overtakes her. She doesn't know who she is, and she is dying, her body betraying her right beside sanctuary. She screams, her voice rising to a piercing pitch through the pounding rain. She stops, pants, breathes... and screams again. And again. And again. Then, she doesn't even have the strength to scream, and feels her mind slide away into darkness.

~Christoph / Rain

Thu Sep 01, 2005 6:43 pm
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