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 Awakening of the Dark Ones (Dark Crown) 
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Post Awakening of the Dark Ones (Dark Crown)
Deep in a forest, away from the wars raging through the land lies an old temple, a temple that has been forgotten by most of its existence, except for a select few.

It has been a while since someone has braved through the forest, fighting off hordes of monstrosities to visit the said temple. Today, however, a figure can be seen entering the front doors of the abandoned temple. Upon closer inspection, the word “Des‘Rucca” can be seen, amidst the growth, on the north wall of the building.

As the man walked through the chamber, wisps of violet mist can be seen floating around in the air, threatening to consumed those who had not been called to enter there. However, it seems that the mist doesn’t have any effect on the mysterious figure as he walks towards the throne in the end of the chamber.

As the man approached the throne, a silhouette of a woman can be seen sitting on the throne. Each step taken brings the man closer to the throne, and closer to whomever was sitting in it. As he finally approaches the throne, he finally saw the embodiment of the being once known in the lands as the Dark Queen.

Taking out a ring from his index finger, he inserted the ring on the index finger of the Dark Queen.

Suddenly, a voice can be heard booming throughout the temple, threatening to shatter all the support structures taking down the mysterious figure and the body of the Dark Queen together with

Who dares to wake me up from my long slumber?


The Dark Queen seemed very surprised as she saw who the figure was. It was something that shocked her to the very core.

Yes, why are you so surprised to see me alive and kicking, my Dark Queen? One must wonder seeing the shocked expression on your face. It’s been a while since we last met, and this is how you thank me for waking you up?

Is that really you? How ever did you survive the…..

It doesn’t really matter how I survived, or how am I still alive. What matters is why I am here now? Do you really want to waste time hearing my explanation on why am I still alive or do want to hear why I came here?

Explain yourself.

The reason why I am here is that there has been a change in the powers that be. The gods are gone,
and in their place, the reincarnation of Angelique, Barnabas and Leto has taken their place. However, the greatest part of it all, is instead of those three being gods as they were before, they are now mortal.

Now is the time for you to bring forth your followers to take over the world. If we don’t take this opportunity lying in front of us, we might never have a better chance anymore.

So, the reason why I’m here, the reason why I woke you up, is for you to call upon all your children so that we can take over the world. After we take over the world, I’ll decide what I’m going to do to you, my Dark Queen.

You dare to order me around? Haven’t you forgotten who created you in the first place? Haven’t you forgotten the extent of my power? And you STILL dare to order me around?


What is this? This pain, it’s unbearable.. Stop it…

Oh, I forgot to tell you one small detail. Before you woke up, I slipped a ring on your right index finger. It’s something that I got during the few years you thought of me to be dead. Let’s just say it has something to do with paying back all the things that you’ve done to me over the years.

So, do we have a deal, or do you want to experience even 1/10th of the pain that I had suffered when you betrayed me a few years back.

You can’t really expect me to bow down to you, you mere mortal. I’m more powerful than you’ll ever be. Be prepared to ….

That’s the reason why I used that ring. Every time you try to hurt me or not follow my orders, that ring shall drain all your powers, and for a few seconds, make you into a mere mortal. However, you’re free to use your powers to do my bidding, and it shall be more powerful than any other being probably with the exception of a few.

So, would you now decide to be nice to me, so that you can take over the world as you have been wishing for eternity? You have nothing to lose by working together with me.

I, Vhyrnakus, the Dark Queen have woken. All my children please come to Des’Rucca Temple. It’s time for us to take over the lands from those who don’t deserve to rule it. We shall as we have before, work our way through deception until I can rule the world. To achieve our goal, we shall use Angelique and her followers to slay both Leto and Barnabas, before we destroy her ourselves.

My children, it is time for Dark Crown to reemerge from the ashes. Come forth and make me proud.

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