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 Das Vlad Prophecy (open) 
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Post Das Vlad Prophecy (open)
EDIT - OOC: Been gone and out of the loop a while. Didn't realise until today that maxim won't be around, so this topic is sort of moved over to Valid.

Blood and guts... The smell was all too familiar. Not the smell of fresh guts spilled, but that of old, rotten flesh. The smell seemed to burn inside his nose.

Eyes opened slowly, as sand drained from around his body, Devius sat up in his tomb, realising it was time for his 'awakening.' The tomb had been filled with sand, himself laid inside of it, sealed away for ages, to one day be resurrected as told by Das Vlad Prophecy. The Prophecy foretold:

"In the year of chaos, the gods of ole shall grow tired of their false prophets and return only to forsake and divide up their so called followers. The innocent shall suffer as great as the wicked, for all shall be punished, all judged guilty, before a trio of merciless lords. Only then, in total chaos, on the brink of total annihilation, shall the true prophets come to be recognized.

And on the day of the birth of the most evil son of man, the vampires and undead creatures shall have their reign supreme over human and elven alike. So on this day, shall the eldest vampire be raised to carry out the works of evil in the name of Leto. .."

Devius jumped from his stone tomb, as the last grains of sand trickled through holes in the floor. Light from torches poured over the room, as Devius looked around at all the pale faces hidden under red cloaks.

The time has come lord. You have been raised as told by the Prophecy. Your city of Vlad is even being rebuilt as we speak, by followers of the ancient teachings.

Welcome back your lordship... Your Eaters await your command.

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Masta let his red hood slide down as he stepped forward, reaching his hand out to Devius.

It has been too long brother. Let me show you to your throne.

After shaking hands, Masta led Devius out of the chamber. A carriage waited outside to take them to the city of Vlad.

As they rode through the countryside, Masta presented Devius with his royal armor. Through the openings of the carriage, fires could be seen burning on the side of the road, a road littered with bodies, foul with the stench of decay.

That is your original armor. It has been kept and maintained by our priests over the years... Lord I fear it may be difficult to locate all of our brethren for the rebirth, many have moved on, died, or simply have lost the faith.

Devius said nothing.

The carriage came to a stop. Masta led Devius into the main castle, near the center of the city still under construction. They made their way to the throne room. It looked exactly how it had under Devius's reign years ago.

Times have changed, along with allegiances and foes. But your empire here remains untainted. Much care has been taken to restore it to its former beauty and perfection.

I will send for the others, your lordship. The people await your decision. The prophets await the rebirth.

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