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 A message to the kingdoms of Sekhet-Aaru from the Overlady 
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The Warlady
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Post A message to the kingdoms of Sekhet-Aaru from the Overlady

*The Warlady was immensly pleased with the silks from the Dessert. Dresses were too girlish and battle gear just didn't cut it. But the Sekhet-Aaru had it going on and she knew it. She began doing some research on the Sekhet-Aaru to see what more they had to offer and was excited to visit as well.*

"Ristin, prepare to copy.

Greetings to the people of Sekhet-Aaru.
Ye exotic lands have caught me interist and I wish to know more about ye and ye culture.

Although ye worship a Goddess I do nae particularly care for, I know the good people of Sekhet-Aaru be peaceful folk whose specialty is nae war.

I understand this and bare ye nae any ill will.

All I ask is tribute so we can remain on peaceful terms.
I know the Sekhet-Aaru be used to the caste system so this should be easy for ye as with the way things be and all.

I do nae ask for much.
Some information.
Where do ye get ye water?
What do ye eat?

I would like ten hump back horses, a Pharoh headress, a sample of ye finest delicacies, a collection of Sekhet-Aaru weapons, one hundread maidens to enhance the cultre of me realms..

And ten of ye strongest, most handsome, tanned slaves.
Oh, and Jyllian is nae to know about these slaves. I need them for a personal matter.

Furthermore I plan on blessing ye with me presence in a couple days.
I will be bringing an honor guard of ten of me finiest warriors.
I would like luxuary accomadations, access to all scenic sites, and guides present to give us an informitive tour.

On the first of every month, I would like a tribute of one million gold from each of ye kingdoms.
The price for peace is nae high when ye think about it, and I also offer me protection from any Letorian guilds.
Should they strike ye, I will protect ye and smite them to oblivian.

Me best wishes to the noble and hard working people of Sekhet-Aaru.

-=(§hayanna Danielle Griffinsbane)=-
The Overlady of the Realms

--=(§hayanna Ðanielle Griffinsbane)=--
The first Princess of Improv, to the last Princess of Maxim

Sun Sep 11, 2005 11:14 am
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She got the message like the rest of those in SA. She smiled softly, apparently her impression had been a powerful one. An alliance would be sure to make things nice to say the least. Though her voice was only one among those in the guild. She knew that she needed to be careful with the cast system, though she would be happy to play as the guide through her smaller realm. She looked out toward one of the older pyrmids that had stood since she was a child while brushing the Sword of Osiris which lay at her waist.

It was her curse in this life. Perhaps if she ever meet the prince of thieves again, she might pass on this curse to him. As she staired out toward the sands she realized how lonley she had grown. The ball reminded her what she was missing in her life, though she would never wish to find a companion only to watch him age and die before her. Her name was suitable as those in her realm called her. A dessert rose will rarely be seen as beautiful for but a moment. The sands of time would always cover what her long life had to offer. Though she wondered if anyone would ever understand this lonleyness. She knew that her longing for compassion would never quite be sated, because she would always be searching for something more than anyone could understand.

Adriana Dessert Rose

Mon Sep 12, 2005 9:22 am
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She sat with Kepi pouring over the Battle-Plans of the invasion that was planned for the following day. Each kingdom had the weaknesses and strengths assessed, and Kepi's eyes shone with the ideas of the battle. This would indeed be glorious, and though it may end with those of The Aaru in a lesser position of strength, at least it would relieve the boredom. Being one of the smallest of strength within the lands afforded little. Other than that time with which to build whilst the larger guilds battled each other.

Though, building lands in peace for one such as Amuneti quickly lost its appeal.

A hemu arrived and handed a message, eyes downcast, to the warrior that waited at the doors to the chamber. Though not officially high enough rank to interact with Amuneti, there was no one else to accept the message. And sometimes the system was just too damn slow and ineffecient.

She read it, Kepi watching with interested expressions crossing her face as quickly as the wind across the sands.

Finishing it, she sat back and wordlessly handed the message to Kepi and turned to the hemu that had brought it.

Where was this found?

His eyes went wide with the direct question, and he stammered before he swallowed and answered.

On the borders, Mistress. No one entered our lands and the message was said to be left on every border of every kingdom. How they left it there was not said, only that it was. No one was there to hand them to each of us.

Very well. Return to your duties.

She sat back and looked to Kepi once more, watching the interest change to outrage.

WHO IN all the levels of Tuat does this woman think she is???,
Kepi screeched in outrage. Tempest indeed.

Amuneti was Akhemu-Betesh.

She could approach this...she was unsure of what to even call it. It was not a request. The words in the message indicated more of some strange type of protection monies to be freely given in addition to several other things. For, Protection?

From The Aaru to this....woman.

Anger, which would most assuredly be understood, or bemused interest, allowing the things she demanded to be given, and watch her from behind a veil of laughter.

She stood and walked around the table to the pacing and outraged Kepi, placing a calm hand on her shoulder. Amuneti always ended up tempering the storm that was Kepi.

I will discuss this with Kenemet.
I am angered that this woman had the audactiy to insult our war capablilities, when I have seen the reports of her own kingdom's strength on several occasions, and felt no threat from her.
However, I am intrigued that she would be so close to the insanity that my sister, your mother, dwells in, that perhaps she could bring Sharifa from that dak abyss.

Be calm, and we shall see the outcome of this.

Though my highest interest is in how she had acquired the knowledge of our ways and what had caught her eye.

~{Sekhet Aaru}~
Walk in the darkness to find the light

Mon Sep 12, 2005 7:34 pm
The Warlady
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*It had been two days since the missives were sent and Shayanna was disapointed.

She had done her research over the last couple of months and Sekhet-Aaru had been thrown together with other guilds on the defensive side of the wars. Although this exotic guild fought like demons, they were blatantly unhappy with the wars which they partook in. She hadn't witnessed any aggression from Sekhet-Aaru toward anyone since she returned along side of Barnabas.

"Why they nae answer me?
They would nae have to ever war again if they allowed me to protect them. War is for the willing. If balance be maintained, war is nae nessacery. With a little diplomacy I could probably protect them from other Barnabas guilds as well."

She thought to herself as Ristin walked into the room.*

"I bring interisting news Great One.
That Angelican guild you have a sick fasination with?
Reports show they are mobilizing for war."

"Do nae start again Ristin, ye dissaproval be noted.
Tis nae like I be converting to Angie or anything, I simply do nae see the sense of having such an alien culture dest....

Ye sure they nae on the defensive?"

I took the liberty of raising defenses shortly after you tried to play diplomat. I just kneeeew this was coming."

"Let me try another missive.
They be different than us.
Different customs, different way of life.
And they have the most exotic hair. Like Jyllians but darker.
They probably did nae understand."

You are NOT a diplomat! You handle matters of WAR!
You do NOT attend Ball and parties!
It is NOT your fuction!

I will have a little chat with the Kul'Nat myself.
You are not to be corrupted and that appears to be his goal.
You will cease this juvenille behavior and cease trying to play friends with the enemy culture be damned!!
I will NOT write any more stupid missives!
You want them done? Learn to read and write.
This charade is over! Now get in the war room where we've been waiting for thirty minutes so we can counterstrike family!"

*Shayanna blinked as Ristin left and slammed the door.
It was extreamely rare for him to use his divine rank to tell her what to do in her own kingdom. She narrowed her eyes as she began to scheme. Never before had she mingled with others. She lived with Drow all her life seeing others only at the wrong side of a blade. Never before had she stepped outside her armor and looked around at the world around her.
She WAS going to the Sekhet-Aaru.
Nothing was going to stop her.

"A disguise.
Something to cover me ears.
Tis just like slipping in and scouting like I used to do.
Only during the day.
Will need to shield me eyes."

She began to make preparations for her vist to "Sandy land" as she liked to call it*

--=(§hayanna Ðanielle Griffinsbane)=--
The first Princess of Improv, to the last Princess of Maxim

Tue Sep 13, 2005 1:11 am
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