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 The Foul Light - RP - Angelique 
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Post The Foul Light - RP - Angelique
Starting tale of the rise of ‘The Foul Dark’

January 5th 3rd Era

The early morning frost had a full grip on the valley crisp grass crunched under foot and left tell tale signs of my passage, the bitter wind froze my cheek bones and had numbed my ears more than an hour ago it seemed like punishment but was more of a remedy, there was nothing like a brisk walk through chilled air to ware off the effects of too much Ale.

There hadn’t been any word for weeks about the troubles in the North the merchant caravans had stopped coming to town and with them the news, Droben tribes in the ‘Red Mountains’ had been blamed for their absents but in reality we all knew the real reason.
It had been no more than Four months since they upheaval following the deaths of High Avon but in that time the small market town of Noir had seen it’s cobbled pathways grow silent to the sound of barter and trade, some small stalls still set up early every Wednesday morning with little or nothing to offer almost acting in defiance at the fall of town tradition.
One of those stalls used to be that of ‘Old Jed’ a poor land worker from the fields outside the town walls that’s how he described himself , he was a simple man in more ways than one, his wife had left him for one of the many merchants that used to call at his house while he was grafting in the fields to keep her in the way she hated and his only son Brak had been killed in a bar fight over a girl three summers ago, this had turned Jed into a bitter man who would rather throw his last penny away than give it to the needy.
Not that he had a penny to throw away his ex-wife made sure of that, but he still managed to be the first man in the bar at night and the last one to chucked out, to say he had a drink problem was fare not that he drunk any more than anyone else, the problem lied in how he drunk it or rather didn’t.
Over half of it was either dribbled or spat over whoever was unfortunate enough to get cornered by him in his drunken stupor, I can think of nothing less desirable than a drunken slob spluttering joined up in your ear when your stone cold sober and Jed was a pass master at it.
His tatty trousers that draped round his waste, relics from a more affluent time were crudely held in place by fraying bale twine tied in more knots than you could count on both hands, his tunic bore the fruits of more than one of his evening meals and probably the remnants of far too much Ale on more than One night, to say that the pungent aroma that accompanied him was less than unsettling was an understatement, most people avoided him now days.

So imagine my delight when he came stumbling out of a clearing on to the pathway no more than Ten yard away, I could smell the stale Tobacco and Ale carried on the fresh breeze from where I stood, he stumbled, lurched forward and fell with an cringing crash face down into the frost hardened ground.
He laid there for a few moments argued with himself belched and then threw up turning the frozen flooring Red with what look like copious amounts of blood, shuddered a little then slumped into a lifeless heap.

Something didn’t look right!

He lay there motionless for what seemed an eternity as the tide of crimson spread out around him, far too much blood for a simple fall even though chopped up track was hardened beyond the simple soil it was, a chill began to fill my very soul he looked dead, lifeless, his body lay slumped limbs twisted awkwardly as if he was unconscious before he hit the ground.
I called out his name “Jed are you alright”.
What a pointless comment he lay there in a pool of blood and I was asking him If he was okay! I slowly moved towards the motionless heap, as I drew near I could see that most of the blood seemed to be in the area of his head nothing more was apparent, I held out my foot and nudged him gently hoping for at least a grunt but nothing happened the old sod was differently dead.
I knelt beside the pungent twisted body wanting to turn him over but frightful of the scene that would meet me, my impatience finally got the better of my fears and I placed my hands under the body and lifted him over, I jumped back with a gasp
“Oh my god”.
fear filled my soul and I fell on the ground some three or four feet from this the most horrid of sights, his face was completely missing, eyes, nose even his jaw was absent the back of his skull was clearly visible, remnants of his brain seeping a clear thick liquid mixing with the copious amounts of thick congealed blood.
The wound looked fresh steam still rose from the orifice and blood flowed from the broken ragged skin at the edge of the huge wound, it couldn’t be a bite, there hadn’t been wild animals in this region, let a lone this forest for more than six generations, well any big enough to cause a bite of that size it looked as if something had just scooped out his face.

January 22nd
Two Weeks Later

The town was still in shock, Jed all be a pain in the ass had one of those lovable rogues you loved to hate, but not the sort of person you be seen talking to not that anyone ever really did except for Cirral the old stable hand from the lords stable at the north of the town, and he’d taken Jed’s death harder that all of us.
The strangest thing to come to terms with was not what had happened but why it had happened and how it had happened, no one seemed to have any idea even the sheriffs that had arrived in town two days after the killing where lost for clues, they’d searched the forest walk’s and valley’s for more than a week and finally left as clueless as when they’d arrived.
The children were banned from venturing out of the safety of the town’s walls and the gates out of the town were now locked at night, guards now watched the town by night.

Come the night
Come The Dark

Tue Sep 13, 2005 2:14 pm
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