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Author:  Guidion [ Thu Oct 02, 2003 6:20 am ]
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He watched him watch her as she stepped back into the room in the back. She was wearing nothing but the sheets off the bed. His hands turned into fists. His knuckles turned white as his shadow vanished from the window. He thought about breaking in the door and turn the cabin inside out. His heart was now in his throat. His head felt a little light headed. The blades slowly began to draw from their hidden pockets. From there he would not know what hit him till it was too late. A coward's way he thought. He would not walk the path of a coward. He would how ever let this play out as fate would have it. He had faith in his wife and he had trust. She was there for a reason and until she returned to the inn he would not intrude on her time.

Guidion took the form of a wolf as he was used to before he had met Oriana. He would go back to the inn and wait for her. She knew that he was there. And she would know by now that he had stood in the window watching.

I came because I heard you cry in my dream. I leave now knowing you cry no more.

The words were spoken softly into her mind.

Author:  Losa [ Thu Oct 02, 2003 8:32 am ]
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He knew his wife went out into the storm and then he heard thier son upset by the storm. He got up and went to him bringing him into thier room and sitting on the bed holding him till he fell asleep. For now at lest he would keep Aidan with them. He heard her coming in and then saw her as she entereed in. A little wet love? Is everything ok?

He smiled at her and waited for her to get changed and come to bed. Knowing he would hear of what she wanted to tell him. He looked up at her and then to Aidan. He did not like the storm love, you dont think i am spoiling him do you?

Author:  Kiara [ Mon Nov 03, 2003 8:59 am ]
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Is everything alright? I dont know Losa.

The words were spoken as she slipped into bed beside her husband and gently lifted their son from his arms. The gentle sigh and soft coo from the baby brought a smile to her face and chased away the scowl that had once been there. Sighing she settled back against pillows and held her son close to her.

Some time ago, ten years almost, Oriana had met with love for the first time. His name was Shane, and from what I have heard her loved her enough to want to make her his wife, but she knew she had too much to accomplish before she could even think of being wed. Before anything more happened between them, Shane disappeared, it was like he had just fallen off the face of the earth. Now he has returned Losa only he is no longer Shane, he is Starfire. Yes love you heard me right. Your friend is the boy now grown into a man and I cannot help but think that all hell is close to breaking loose. Nothing seems alright at the moment.

Author:  Losa [ Mon Nov 03, 2003 1:33 pm ]
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He smiled softly as he listened to his wife. Well this could be even a worse mess Spitfire. I know how he is about things. Especially with how he is about her. This is going to be one mess I am not getting in the middle of. I do not see a way to really help a situation such as this.

He looked at her and his arm wnet around behind her bringing her to him and held her and thier son. He looked at her.

All I know is that if all hell does break loose I can not get involved. Starfire was the only one back then that I got along with we were both there for different reasons, but Oriana has also been there as a friend and I will not choose sides in this I can not.

Author:  Kiara Jade [ Tue Nov 04, 2003 12:55 am ]
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No one is asking you to get involved Losa. I have to warn you though, if it all becomes too much for her, if Starfire hurts her in anyway, I will not simply stand by and watch. She is like a sister to me, sometimes like a little sister, she is the strongest person I know yet there is an innocence and vulnerability within her that we all seem to feel the need to protect.

Resting her head on his shoulder she continued to speak her thoughts, if only for herself.

Have you ever wondered why so many are drawn to her? Not just in the ways a man is drawn to a woman, I mean the way people are drawn to others simply because of their souls? She is like a light, bright and shining Losa, strong and constant, but even the most brillant of lights are in danger of burning out, and everyone who has ever known her sees her soul, sees that light that she carries, I dont know how to put it. I just know that she would go to hell and back for those she cares for, would kill or be killed for anyone of us and half of us are not worthy. Some might think she has grown soft, but I know better. She has become wiser and I cannot let her be hurt because she is not the same as she used to be.Hell I'm not making much sense am I?

Author:  Oriana [ Tue Nov 04, 2003 1:11 am ]
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She might have been surprised even worried when her husbands words reached the edge of her mind but she knew that Guidion trusted her, loved her and had faith in her, so when she heard him she smiled to herself and sent in reply a message of her own telling him that she would be home soon and that there was plenty she would like to tell him about.
Disappearing into the room she returned a short time later dressed in a mans long white shirt and a pair of black pants. Pulling her hair into a knot at the top of her head she sat down in the chair she had been in before her legs dangling over the sides once again. One hand was balled into a fist and she stared at Starfire for a long while before her lips parted to speak.
I have given alot of thought to everything, every word that has fallen from your lips since we discovered who each of us were, and do you know what I have learned? That I dont know you, I dont want to know you. You have made assumptions and accusations about my character, about my life, about who I am when the truth is, you dont know a damn thing about Oriana, you only know Cat. Cat is dead, she was laid to rest long ago and with her ashes, Guidion brought Oriana to life, brought me to life. Were it not for him, I would be exactly like my father, never loving or feeling again.
I have never let anyone speak to me in the way you have and the only reason you still stand now is out of respect for who you used to be. I was a fool to think that we might be able to be friends, but I see now that is not possible. You are too blinded by the past and by what you think you know of the present for that to be. It saddens me to see how cynical and jaded you have become, but whats done is done, you are who you are just as I am who I am, the difference between though, is I at least jknow who and what I am, and I could not be more content with the life that Guidion and I have built around one another.
Swinging her legs around so that her feet were now on the floor she opened her hand and let the box she had been holding fall to the floor. I should thank you. If it werent for you I never would have met my husband.

Author:  Losa [ Tue Nov 04, 2003 1:18 am ]
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I do not want to see either of them hurt. I love them both I do Spitfire. I do not want to see Starfire hurt at all. I know that its a very sensitive situation. we got the one that is like your sister, and one that is like a brother to me. I just do not want to see us pitted on different sides and have something come between us.

He smiled and ran a hand through her hair while thinking and talking with her. Leaning to kiss her.

I do not let myself wander about much at all. I know that what is with Starfire is he loves her with a love that few coudl ever underrstand. I do not think that he woud ever purposely hurt her but we both know that hurts happen love no matter how much you do not want to hurt the other.

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