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 The Orion's Belt Wayfarers Inn (D) 
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Post The Orion's Belt Wayfarers Inn (D)
The sunlight played it's celestial game dancing in and about the tops of the forbidding canopy of the west wood. Dappling the loam of spring with brief glimpses of it's timless radiance. Nestled in a small glade on the western escarpment of the forest lay in repose the villiage of Kembrooke, it's shopfronts and wayside inns still sleeping in these first waxing hours of dawn. The steeple bells toll out thier morning reverie and slowly, and as imperceptible as the seasons change, the town comes alive with the sounds of commerce.

On the south road, a league or so beyond the last farm sits the adventurers lodge known as the Orion's Belt. Many a tale had been told here, and many a forlorn hero had drowned heir sorrows in a fine goblet of smooth Cathia Red. Even now, in the scant hours of dawn on a day no different than any other, the floor of the tap room clattered with the service of the morning meal, to those that had awoken to greet the day, and to those who had nover bothered with the convention of sleep as well.

In the stable yard out front the livery lay empty, waiting eagerly to recieve it's first customer of the day, the floors polished and the ale well chilled the establishment sit ready in the silence of the early morn, with not a sound to be heard, save perhaps the swinging of a guilded sign over the entry way. The sign simply read,

Sit deep, sit often, and drink well my brothers...You are welcome here.

Work like you don't need the money,
Love like you have never been hurt,
And dance, like there is nobody watching.

Wed Oct 22, 2003 5:04 pm
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It was an early, crisp morning as Kalaazar rode towards Orion's Belt, the establishment he knows as a drifting dream. It has been too long indeed since he has journeyed to these parts of the world. Seeing the smoke gently rise lazily into the azure morning sky, Kalaazar feels restless. He has not had any restfull sleep or nourishment for quite some time, and feels the need pulling on his very soul. A clear mind would be a welcome thing.

Pulling his black steed up to the livery, Kalaazar looks about for a farm hand. He sees a boy have dosing in the corner of the barn, not quite ready to get his work on. Kalaazar's steed snorts loudly, billowing steam into the chill air. The boy jerks suddenly, seeing Kalaazar in his gleaming Obsidian gear atop this beautiful steed, the likes of which he has never seen. The boy rushes over and stands meagerly nearby, wiping the sleep from his eyes.

Sorry, M'lord. I... ummm...

Treat this horse as he should be, and no worries young lad. But mind you, he is mightier than you could guess.

With his horse attended to, Kalaazar glances reminiscently at the sign; Sit deep, sit often, and drink well my brothers...You are welcome here.

Ahh, yes...

Tue Nov 04, 2003 2:36 pm

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Fighting battles for 5 days straight have worn Jackie out and it was about time she find a resting place to refill her health. She looks around and don't see anything for miles. She suddenly saw a raven flyin through the sky with a piece of meat in it's mouth.

She thinks to herself, "Ummm, if the raven came from that direction and in it's mouth had food, that must mean that there is food or a community where the food put up from."

She hurry on her horse and gallope over in the direction. To her discovery, she was right. There was a good smell of food and a dot that seems to look like buildings.. She smile and went on her way.

Thu Nov 06, 2003 4:10 pm

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Post Entering the Inn
There she was standing in front of the gate with the name Orion's Belt on the top. Happy as she was she still kept her warrior status and slowly walk in lookin for a place to rest. To her suprise the Inn was right in front of her. She came in and immediatly asked for a room.

Hello mi' lady, you look tired. Do you need a room ?, said the servent.

Yes please. Find me a room and quick. Also, if you have any food bring it up to me after I settle in. Thank you.

Immediatly the servent looking for a room with Jackie following up on him. There it was, finally for days without sleep she have finally found a place to put her head upon and rest.

Thu Nov 06, 2003 4:15 pm
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