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 Reverent - 'A Stranger comes'. (OPEN) 
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Post Reverent - 'A Stranger comes'. (OPEN)
At the begging of the new equinox there came word from the east, word of ‘The One’ the word told of a man, tall and dark, it told of how he had walked from the heart of a howling sandstorm that had battered the small coastal town of Koallah for more than three days.
Near to death and bleeding from his wounds he gibbered and mumbled nonsense, a desert fever had began to plague his soul and twist his words, alchemists tended his fever and the nurse maids bound his wounds and broken bones, as time passed his fever ebbed away and his wounds cleared and healed.
It was then that the people of Koallah perceived that the gibbering’s of a plagued man were not nonsense.
He began to talk in a tongue not known of Maxim, neither was it known to any of the ancient scholars of Koallah, so word was sent out to all four corners of the land, this proved useless very little was learnt that threw light on this stranger and his equally strange tongue.
Others had been seen before talking in strange tongue’s appearing from the wastelands, but they had been very few throughout time and then all of a sudden they were gone, it would seem each race has a story of stranger, some of these stories go back over three thousands years, but these were nothing more than stories.

In time the stranger of Koallah began to grasp the use of their tongue, then what he told, if it could be believed, began to changed their world for ever.
The scholars of Koallah turned their backs on the stranger and labelled his words lies, a heretic’s words sent from the desert to poison the Holy Justice of Foret, they were displeased and forced him again into the desert whence he came.
But some did listen to the words and it interested them, these lie’s did not seem the words of a heretic, neither did they seem the words of a mad man as some had called him, so they gave him shelter these were the bedouin of Koallah, an ancient people older than the city itself.
Their tents now lined the South walls of the city, each morning brought a new row of ornately decorated canvas pyramids stretching upwards to the grey sky, this is the first time they had been seen here in these numbers for nearly three hundred years.
A adventurer, that regularly ventures across the plains of Maxim rarely see more than Three or four, to say the least, of the Travellers canvas Pyramids in any one life time.
The king became troubled, spurned on by the worried merchants and troublesome scholars, he sent his guards to the cities walls, and locked the gate to all that wished to enter.

Come the night
Come The Dark

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Post The Whisperers
All day they talk as if no one listens. They argue and discuss the stranger and what his story, his past might mean for the world's future. They think no one cares among the people, they think no one listens. But yet, working here on the outskirts Marmie hears it all. The people they whisper. They whisper the story to eachother adding embellishments from their own fear driven imaginations. Making the facts grander, more magnificent, more awe inspiring. But she knows the truth.

Marmie was there when he first spoke the tongue. She heard the truth. And she was humbled. What he said shock her to her core. The lies that she had followed her entire life. That is why she was there, she needed to know the truth. Justice can only be found with truth. And she, she craved justice.

As a healer she saw the worst injustices in the world. The beaten women and children, and the unrepentant men who harmed them so. She saw good honest families devasted by disease. And she wonder why if Foret was such a great good he let these things happen. But she knew it was not her place to question. Foret had seen fit to gift her with the healing touch and she would use always to heal. She would find the answers some day but for now she all she could hope was to ease another's pain and through healing in some small way bring justice to the world.

She had heard the truth but that wasn't enough. She needed to know why?

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