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TGA decides to take on Isonia
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Author:  Narissa [ Thu Nov 13, 2003 12:06 am ]
Post subject:  TGA decides to take on Isonia

Narissa sat in disgust at the reports that TGA, knowing that Reavers and Tiavain were already deeply engaged in a war, decided to overrun the borders with the excuse that they had no where else to go. A captured spy spilled the news on how they were going against all of Isonia therefore invading a war in progress was fair game.

Picking up a pen, Narissa called for Karzyn before writing out a missive to all the leaders of the Isonian and Darden kingdoms to see if they would teach TGA a lesson not soon forgotten. Once the missive was written, Karzyn took it to send it off towards its various destinations. She knew he wouldnt be gone long. Karzyn was a good warrior and more level-headed than Narissa was. They both were very good at keeping their emotions from their faces but their thoughts raged at times. Moving to the wardrobe, the lithe, dark-haired elfess unlocked it and began to pull out her instruments of war while her senses extended in attempt to touch Tanarri's thoughts.

Author:  Bundesbank [ Thu Nov 13, 2003 12:25 am ]
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[ooc you forgot the starting stats. i'm not sure if reavers wants to continue in the war:

Iso 60 12'263'936 204'398
Foret 34 17,784,476 523'072

THE GRAND ADEPTS (TGA) 17 12,470,166 733,539
SEISMIC REAVERS (Reavers)17 5,314,310 312,606 [i'm contacting reavers to see if they want to continue. i suggest you concentrate all attacks on tga until then]

die bankier remembered a time when the adepts were attacked at war, by tiavain, given no advantage, none. unlike tiavain, however, the adepts had not complained. he did not expect them to complain, either.

he grimaced. the pains of war. an enemy soldier had managed to get past his whirling chains to strike a blow with a pike. bloody were his garments; he did not mind, however. the healers would be along soon enough. he was glad, though he hated the divine spellcasters of his own race, that other races practiced the divine arts as well. without them, war would be blood, and only blood.

and so it would be. the adepts would march upon isonia herself. it would be a great battle, larger than any die bankier had ever participated in; and as such, he couldn't find himself but even more eager to fight it.

Author:  Oriana [ Thu Nov 13, 2003 12:39 am ]
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The loud gasp coming from the corner of the study caused the mage to turn, her eyes narrowed down and glared at the elf slouched lazily in a plush chair set before a roaring fire.

Oriana Shadowbain, in all the time I've known you I have never heard a word like that come out of your mouth.

A fine ebony brow raised into a perfect arch, ruby lips turned to smirk and an unladylike snort soon followed.

Say it with me Ray... F U C K H E A D S. Do I need to elaborate any further for you in order for you to understand my meaning?

Oh no, I understand all to well. The question I have for you is what is to be done about it?

It was the followers of Foret, more specifically those within the ranks of The Grand Adepts, it were those that took it upon themselves to declare open war on the followers of Isonia no matter what banner they flew or whether they were already engaged in combat or not, thinking that the rules of war did not apply to them, oh how she longed for the days when generals held their honor close to them and at least had enough common sense to tell right from wrong. Perhaps if the clan which she now served under had not already been locked in battle her temper would not have been so quick to rise, but having been at war for days now with Reavers, the recent turn of events only soured her mood and turned her tounge foul. It was the perfect example of the lowest form of exsistance, and she was tired of it and all of itspetty excuses.

What do we do? Move everyone. Once they are evacuated we burn everything. Leave nothing untouched Ray, I dont want one salvagable piece of land left for those bastards. This is not war they wage Ray, it is nothing more than grabs for land by filth that is even lower than the shite the stable boy wipes from his shoe. Burn it, tear down every building as far as the eye can see. Hell do whatever it takes, they will get nothing but charred land that is of no use to even god damn cockroaches.

Sheepishly the elf looked to the mage and then grinned wide....

Should I have the men piss on it too old girl?

Turning back to the window, Oriana could not help but smile, she remembered giving such an order once.....

Piss on it too.

Author:  EvilElmo [ Thu Nov 13, 2003 12:43 am ]
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Die Bankier had sent word for Steven to strike the Isonians, but defiantly Steven said no. Immediatly a strange thought came over him. What could he be up to? In all my years I have known Steven try to achieve his own goals. But for what reason could it be? What is going on in his head? Hm....I wonder....

Eyeing the battle feild around the realms through my Occulus, I think to myself. My decision to wait to attack was wise. For no faith, no culture lives without a hero. Some where out there, a hero may rise and if I am not here, who will fight againts that hero? What if that hero is our downfall. Is it really worth the few acres to lose my realm? I think not. I will sit here waiting. Waiting for Isonia's hero to come, for I wish to be the one that destroys their best.

Author:  CharLeS` [ Thu Nov 13, 2003 2:59 am ]
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OOC: Im speaking for myself not for the whole reavers. I will stop attacking tiavain realms immediately.

CharLeS` and his legions were busy invading isonian lands. Suddenly, the ground shaked furiously. Hordes of mighty warriors marching fast toward the tiavain realms.

"General, what the hell is going on? How come they managed to pass. I told you to block tiavain reinforcements from the south."

"Yes Sire. But they are our allies m'lord. They are waving the banner of the Adepts. Foretites m'lord."

"Huh?How can that be? I thought we were the one engaging this city? Damn. Call out the troops. Let's go home. We cant go on fighting like this. Leave the city of tiavain to them and the whole isonian lands. Pack up men!"

Author:  Bundesbank [ Thu Nov 13, 2003 3:25 am ]
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[ooc reavers has peace with tiavain.

THE GRAND ADEPTS (TGA) 17 12,470,166 733,539
Iso 60 12'263'936 204'398]

die bankier's forces wheeled about, launching from its offensive base into a series of coridors through which his druids prepared the way - and made progress outside the coridors quite impracitcal. nearly impossible, effectively. this was the second scion of the city of tiavian die bankier found his armies assaulting in his recent offensive operations - one against lord nagash, the leader of oafs himself, and two against those who flew the banner of tiavain. this would be far from the height of offensive operations, he knew.

the preliminary engagements that would be taking place, he knew, would only be the precursor to the greater campaign the adepts envisaged - within the next few days, they would spread as far as they could, increasing the stranglehold upon isonia to suffocate her and deprive her of resources from which to launch a counter-attack.

any commander would know that such was his plan.

what he awaited was the concerted attack that was certainly to come. oh how he relished the day where the armies under 20 or 30 different banners would find themselves in front of his forces, and slaughter would ensue - he would do his utmost best to ensure it be the isonians who would be slaughtered, but he would not take that for granted. confident though he was of his abilities, he would not make the mistake so many others had in his place - thinking they could engage so many enemies at once, that the war would be won so long as his army rivaled any of the individual armies of his enemies. but he knew that the enemy - were they even half as smart as the simplest kobold - would attack concertedly, with great coordination.

these were the battles he wished to fight. to witness the conduct of armies and match his skills against those of others as best he could.

Author:  L_o_C_o [ Thu Nov 13, 2003 4:00 am ]
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OCC: I declare ceasefire as agreed by the the AGM of War of Tiavain if I am not mistaken that he is. Cruella contact me ASAP!

And soon the Reavers had fought valiantly to the tough leaders of Tiavain but something happened while the Reavers are on the heat of retaliation of Tiavain. A message from a messenger of TGA bearing news that TGA had declared war on all of Isonian followers. With this news an immediate change of plans of the Reavers was ordered in order to watch out for chaotic conclusions of this acts.

LoCo asked the guards to let him enter to the House of Astavia unharmed for he came bearing news, an urgent news. LoCo was brought to Astavia at once with her guards ready for the kill.

"I, the GM of Reavers have not called for any aid or help from TGA. As you can see they have warred to all of the followers of Isonia. Your AGM of War had agreed of some plans and I too respect what was agreed. We have no business to attend with Tiavain now."

Astavia said nothing but for LoCo, he wished this acts are not misentepreted with such anger. LoCo left the house safely and moved back to the camp of the Reavers. Tehn he sent some of messengers and scouts to look over the war. LoCo went out of his camp and watched over the war and what is to happen in the next following days.

Author:  Tanarri [ Thu Nov 13, 2003 4:10 am ]
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If things couldn't have gotten any better they did. Such a lovely surprise TGA decided to play on the whole nation of Isonia. Tanarri looked out his window at the mess land upon his land. He tossed the reports and papers on Reavers over his shoulders and dusted his hands.

Well so much for that.

In a pretty quick succession, the war with Reavers was over. They were so close to seal the end of them it was rather disappointing that such a fair war was to be no more. The only course of action was to obvious take on the menacing horde, TGA.

He spent the night getting information on what happened. People screaming, people complaining, people whining,.....yes yes...they did a very bad thing. Moving the jaw wasn't going to kill forets. There was no physical means to stop what they did prior hand but give your worded objection. If they were going to do it they were going to do it. The motto of this campaign is "SHUT UP, GEAR UP, AND MOVE OUT!"

Tanarri couldn't give a damn about anything else but put his kingdom together and go to war like any other day. This time, all of Isonia was going to war with TGA. Incredible......despite the meager size most Iso's were in, it was a lot of people none-the-less. I'm sure Dardenites were going to enjoy watching the outcome of this. They better have the decency to let us exact punishment on TGA. It was for their benefit that Iso was going to take down a high power.

Tanarri pulled had only one thing to say to TGA. He wrote on a parchment and had a carrier sent it out. It read:

To the Lords and Ladies of TGA,

This will be a long long war.

Lord Tanarri
Val'Istar of House Dovanucci
Co-AGM of War for Tiavain

P.S. I send my condolences for the inconviences I will inflict upon you ahead of time. Do take the time to marinate in your success so that tasting of your defeat will be so savory.

Author:  Queen Anne [ Thu Nov 13, 2003 5:10 am ]
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It appears the peasants are revolting...m'Lady.

I could barely suppress the smile. Perhaps this was the distraction I needed from my normal and at times tedious duties. Although I shouldn't call my writing a duty as such, just a serious hobby. Of course like anything I had ever picked up, I managed to make it a duty, a labour, an onus. Of late, I had been so 'burdened' with my writing that I had missed (or was that avoided) the greater arcane concerns of the City, namely consorting with Demons and heathens....ah what a shame. And now peasants. Revolting peasants at that. With I sigh, I left Rizwaan's words hanging there while I frowned. I frowned at the shameful lack of good company to be found. Even in the City of Tiavain I was surrounded on all sides by leaders, borderline maniacal at the best of times. And outside of Tiavain...well, a cultureless morass of barbarism punctuated with far too few citadels of Isonian hope. And now they tell me Foret's savage peasants are revolting.

Slowly crossing my hands on the bureau in front of me, I tilted my head sideways a little and looked at Rizwaan, who looked in turn back at me, a little nervously.

I have been telling you that for years, Rizwaan. You know, there is only one advantage in the company of Foret's unwashed over the Devil's scaly horde. And that is the slight amusement to be had at watching them attempt to form anything more than the required couple of sentences. And for the few that do manage to stammer out something even close to civilised communication, well...we can only smile in pity. For perhaps, it is not their fault that the finer qualities in life are lost on our neighbourly simpletons. I even recall a conversation I had once with my cousin, the Lady Ernharn. She had a theory that it wasn't their fault they were like that, bless her generous heart...

Lost in a moment past, recalling the conversations I had had with my cousin, I felt more than ever, alone in a world of cave dwellers. Frowning as Rizwaan placed documents and maps reporting the latest movements of the Foretians in front of me, I barely glanced at them, knowing too well the habits and intent of such children.

You do not need to show me, dear Rizwaan, for it is the same as usual. The knuckle-dragging youths wish to claim some land, a few more sheep, some pretty trinkets to line their burrows. They have simple needs and always will. What are such things to us, that can be replaced so easily. Perhaps they really hunger for something else? Perhaps they understand their cultural inferiority and only fling their toys at us in rage. Such savages may never realise the futility of aspiring to something beyond their mental capability. It is their nature.

My servant, Rizwaan, seemed much calmer about the current situation. He was highly educated after all.

Let us not waste such an opportunity though. After all, there is fun to be had. I shall compose a missive to be delivered to anyone our messenger can find who can read amongst Foret's dullards. Let us see if there is actually any challenge in this 'war' after all.

Lady Anne Wittgen, Val I'star Tiavain to Foretian Leader or similar Plenipotentiary.
No alarms and no suprises.
Whencesoever you have found motive for you obduracy is not so much a mystery as perhaps a necessary path of your evolution. Therefore, far be it for me to dissuade you from your present course but perhaps you would view a small diversion propitiously? Refering to merely a cup of tea wheresoever we may find ourselves most comfortable in my own residence.
We look forward to a favorable response.

Upon sealing the missive, I handed it to Rizwaan with a smile and said,

Now Rizwaan, before you are about delivering this, make some attempt at organising an aggressive retaliation, not too serious though shall we. No need to alarm them.

And let it not be said, that we are not generous to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Author:  ElathanM [ Thu Nov 13, 2003 5:37 am ]
Post subject: 

Once again The Grand Adepts had proven how Adept they really were by declaring on the followers of Isonia. The line up consisted of guilds at war and just out of war, not to forget that the main target the Adepts chose were ingaged in a war with Seismic Reavers, a guild of their own faith.
The line up of Isonia included the following just out of war. Evenstar only two days out of war with another Foret guild, OAFS only a day out of war with two Foret guilds, IOM a day out of war with a guild from the followers of Darden. And then there was those still at war, the Vurumai at war with Demonic Reality and Tiavain who were previously engaged with Reavers.

He had talked with the esteemed leader of the Grand Adepts to find out what his reasoning was, and it came down to this. The Grand Adepts had gotten sick of hitting kingdoms with no home and thus decided to declared on everybody in Isonia regardless of war or anything else. Basically they wanted to land grab so they could sit pretty in strong kingdoms with no though of retalation.

Author:  Runecaster [ Thu Nov 13, 2003 6:37 am ]
Post subject: 

Runecaster scowled at the issue of declaration in his hands. It was appalling. But what else could be done? Not matter when the Adepts chose to attack, there would be the same outcry, the same complaints, the same whining. The only answer was to hit an entire faith at once, bringing equal amounts of lands into play at once.

The orders he had went against what he believed in, honourwise, but he understood them. What else could TGA do? No one heathen guild was big enough, and no two were ever free at the same time. If not warring, the Adepts might as well not be present at all. Preying on a handful of unguildeds was far more unfair than declaring against an entire faith. Not to mention the fact that heathen guilds had declared on the Adepts just last age when the Adepts had already been warring.

Runecaster summoned his Lieutenants and told them to get the men ready. They would march, as the Adepts had marched. What else could they do?

Author:  Narissa [ Thu Nov 13, 2003 7:31 am ]
Post subject: 

Once the dispatches were sent to those in charge and the call to former allies from when she was in Darden lands, Narissa called the core group of her elves together. They were the ones that mattered and the ones that would bringing the war together. Karzyn had already returned from sending out the missives, his hunting leathers secured and his form bristling with the chosen instruments of war he liked to carry.

She had expected the argument well before Karzyn spoke to her. She expected some sort of warning from Tanarri also but she meant to heed neither.
"You should stay behind and give your instructions from here."

A soft snort emitted from the lithe, dark-haired elfess' nose. At this stage, she knew she was more prone to emotional flips but there was no way she would leave those that helped protect the city under her, without her leadership. "You know I wont do that."

The grizzled, snow-maned elf gave a brief gesture towards Narissa's midsection as he spoke. "Tanarri's opinion?"

With a quick smirk that bordered on amusement as the last of the knives were tucked into sheaths, Narissa answered. "I didnt ask."

The lithe, dark-haired elfess ducked past the grizzled, snow-maned elf and through the doorway. She could almost imagine the brief rolling of eyes and the resigned look to her Captain's face before he turned to follow her off to discuss war plans.

Author:  Aranor [ Thu Nov 13, 2003 8:46 am ]
Post subject: 

He had got the scribe after learning the other day of another bannerless army attacking one of the city dwellers he thought the followers of Foret could not go any lower. Then he was proven wrong with a simple message sent from the city saying that TGA had declared war on them. This really did prove that the Adepts lived up to thier name. Too bad an adept guild has no honor, and no courage. A guild with honor and courage would not purposely hit a guild already at war. In this case though it did not surprise him as said before the Forets had already been found to be playing underhanded. A random scout by a bannerless army would have been one thing but it had been sorecery and treachery. Of course no one on the Foretian side knew anything about that. Now the only thing that could be said about this attack no matter who ended up being added in. More missives were recieved conatining more ingformation. The transgressions against Reavers were still going on when the news of TGA's treachery was reveled to him. He called his army back and waiting for a few moments to think before speaking,he turned to his cousin to speak to him.

Cameron it seems that yet another underhanded move by the forets is taking place, TGA has attacked members of the city knowing full well that we are at war with Reavers. What is to be expected of them this age other than cowardice. Every report I have recieved now is one of them hitting guilds that were either at war or fresh out of war. I guess TGA has no respect for thier faith mates. It is unbelieveable the cowards way that they will try to make seem so good of them. They are cowards the lot of them and anyone in that faith that stands with what they did is no better. I do not care that they will say they did not know anything of it cause you know that is what they will say. But it is no coincidence in my book and no one can or will convince me otherwise. Its just another underhanded play by the Forets. Few forets fight with honor anymore, those are the ones that are pleasure to war with. The ones who actually do care about havin a real war with guilds that are not seen as easy prey for them. Sure we can have the numbers cameron but they knew our focus has been on reavers and that other Isonians have been at war as well. They saw this as a chance to grab for land before most of the guilds could come back from thier war or get out of thier wars. Its just pure cowardism at its worst. But what is to be expected the Adepts should have at thier sign up that in order to be a part of it you have to be willing to be underhanded and not care about courage or honor. I wonder how many of the Adepts will stand for this lack of honor and lack of courage on thier leaders part. It is not something that someone with honor or courage would want to be a part of. Then again they are the Adepts and may choose to still follow one because they share the same lack of values as thier leader. That is what is wrong these days wars can not happen with the foret faith and the opposing members not have to worry about bannerless attacks and other forets coming in when the heat gets to be too much for those that are at war. What a shame that a guild that had the ability to be great had to take cheap hits. They are fresh where as us and our allies are not. A very cheap hit to go down in the scrolls, though they will try and come up with every excuse a knowledge of us being at war should have been a deterrent but maybe they were just afraid to take on fresh isonian armies, so they needed to make such a hit where though it would seem we have the advantage that in actuality they have it. Yes another glorious underhanded foretian stunt.

He was pissed that did not happen very often. There was a time when he had traveled to help out his cousin in SAO and had come back with some members of SAO to find the city of Tiavain at war and he stayed out of it, did not even send out scouts. He was saddened by the realization some would purposely do this and not care, while others had merely made some mistakes and had paid for them. This was one case where it was no mistake that the foretian TGA had decided to go forth without honor and without courage, and without respect for thier faith mates.

Author:  judiama [ Thu Nov 13, 2003 8:46 am ]
Post subject: 

Lady Judiama received the news of treachery with a deep sigh. "Again?" she thought. " A Foret realm again acts against the most basic codes of warfare and tries to rationalize it?" her thoughts continued. Judiama called the grooms together and set them to grooming and saddling the massive wathorses.

"War will be coming," she said to her helpers. "Our job is simple, we will protect the city of Tiavain," she explained to the new recruits from the plains of Everdon. "I know this wasn't what you expected when you joined me in Tiavain, that you expected to first learn the skills of horse training. But we will fight for the city and for our goddess, Isonia, with honor."

Having sent the recruits off to get ready, Judiama checked the outskirts of the Northern area of the city by reviewing the information from her Prying Eyes stationed along the border of the desert. "Darn, " she thought, " I haven't finished researching the new Eyes of Warding, and they would have been very useful in this action." Judiama promised herself to finish the new spell as soon as the heathens of TGA were crushed into the sand and earth. "The sands will run with their blood, for all of Isonia's faithful will join this war," she said quietly under her breath.

Taumaturgist of House Nim'Ostas
[shadow=blue]Istari d'Tiavain[/shadow]

Author:  Torkano [ Thu Nov 13, 2003 10:36 am ]
Post subject: 

Torkano sat in his chambers pondering the shambles his kingdom had been in. The war with WoR was quite a struggle just to stay alive. He managed to do just that, but it would be a long time to rebuild. There wasn't much left save a few buildings. The farms and orchards were torched as well as his places of worship. Very few trading posts and markets stood and the home of the citizens were no more.

Torkano was tired of thinking about war, about rebuilding. He told his construction crew and council to handle everything. He did not want to be bothered for a few days. He could trust them to make the right decisions. Not soon after he went to his bed to lie down and rest his eyes, a messenger barged in gasping for breath.

What is the meaning of coming in here without knocking!? This had better be good.

Fighting for his breath getting some words out before taking a few more breaths he told Torkano the news that The Grand Adepts had decided to war with all of Isonia. Torkano dismissed him and immediately got up from his bed. The pirate armies had barely had any rest or rebuilding time between any of the wars. It was as if they were constantly at a state of war. Just then Raetin and Yercleus walked in. Torkano turned around and stared at them for a moment before speaking.

Looks like we fight again. Our reconstruction period has just ended, not that we even began. I am not really up for this but we must fight for our brothers and sisters in faith. Yercleus, let all the leaders of Isonia we will be in contact with them shortly. Assemble what you can and let me know when you have done so. Raetin, its time to see what your young mage prodigies have to offer. Get them ready!

They both excused themselves and left Torkano to himself.

Author:  Kain_Dragonhand [ Thu Nov 13, 2003 3:26 pm ]
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From one war to another, and yet another. Tiavain had moved on the dardenites early, then shortly after made their attack on Reavers. The foretian forces put up much more of a fight than the dardenites could. During the war with the dardenites Kain carried out his tasks swiftly, reporting sucecss after success. Many times he paved the way for the other forces in Tiavain to lay waste to the opponent.

Arriving a bit late to the struggle with Reavers, Kain immediately set about reducing two of his enemies to waste. Leaving little to oppose the armies of the goddess. The foret counter was swift, and deadly, his lands were encroached upon several times, his forces barely able to push the opponent back. Then it came, some of the main forces moved out upon his realm, foul magic from foret laid waste to his lands. He fought bravely alongside his men, but his efforts did little. Just as he was preparing to get his revenge news came in of The Grand Adepts marching upon his lands. His and all of Isonia's, the wartorn forces of the goddess turned their attention to the largest threat in Maxim. Attacks on his lands by the Reavers had stopped, but it left him wondering. Was this a move to prevent Tiavain from reclaiming lost land. Allowing the Reavers to bolster their land.

Such dispicable tactics, at least the dardenites fought with honour. He thought to himself as he prepared his realm to help take down the largest threat in the lands. They would fall, Isonia will not stand by and watch her people be destroyed. What was he thinking, he never relied upon the goddess for strength. He began questioning why he even stayed in this conflict. He knew, it was a promise he made, nothing more, nothing less.

Author:  Tiamat [ Thu Nov 13, 2003 7:26 pm ]
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Tiamat could not believe what he was seeing. As he was in the Manor overlooking his kingdom. He could see a great cloud of dust comming from the south. It was massive, he army was to the north taking on Reavers so no way could these be his troops.

It was only a matter of hours before he would know the outcome of this invasion. But as he always did when he had such an advance warning, he called for all women and children to go west. there they could find security within the hills.

Tiamat found himself thinking Damed cowards, who ever these invaders are, they have no honor for war. I will fight to the death if need be. But if I surevive I will be back and I shall not forget what has just transpired here. You will only see me in the shadows... You will hear of me often, but you cannot defeat the strength that I have within me. Only I can do that.

You have oppened Pandora's box my friends. You have opened Pandora's box

Tiamat mounted his steed and headed off in the direction of the incomming heathens.

Author:  Thepheonix [ Thu Nov 13, 2003 8:39 pm ]
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Toph muttered to himself as he walked down the halls of his castle towards the war room.
"I knew this was going to happen, I knew it. Figures."
Toph opened the door to the room and looked around.

Nobody here.
"What the heck? Where IS everybody?"
"All fighting right now, Chosen." A voice said from behind him as Llardorwyn entered the room.
"Well thats not helpful? How far away are the Adepts from here?"
"Latest reports say around twenty to thirty miles to the east, and moving closer. We're doing what we can, and our sorcerers are doing all they can." Llardorwyn broke off as one of the mages from the temples ran into the room, a grim smile on his face.

"Just want to report, mi'lord. A scout just came back from the Adept kingdom that had been weakened before. They're all dead. The place looks like a wasteland."
The mage stopped and chuckled
"Which it should. We pumped enough magic power into that place... Im surprized it wasnt GLOWING."
Toph nodded. Good. At least they knew now that the Adepts were not invulnerable or anything... they could be killed, and they would be... one by one.

"Thank you for the news. Sent the scouts back out. Lets do it again."

Toph leaned back into his chair and closed his eyes. The day had already been way too long, and it was barely half over...

Author:  Cthulu [ Thu Nov 13, 2003 11:48 pm ]
Post subject: 

Cthulu walked to the tops of the highest mountains. He looked down upon the we as he watched the legions of TGA march forth on to the lands of Isonia. A large grin curled his lips as he saw thins. He stared a the vast numbers of great armies walking all in line and spiffed up.

Cthulu thought to himself… I love this Foret guild of TGA, Their nice looking uniforms, as they march after guilds already tore apart by wars already. They remind me of my pet rat, waiting for others to eat. Then run after the scraps.

Cthulu chuckled to himself. Thinking if I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t lose this is the way I would do it. Peoples of these lands put way to much into this concept of honor. That’s why I like these peoples of TGA they don’t worry about such things.

Cthulu watched for a little while longer. Decided he watched enough, walked back to his keep, seeing the songs he had hear.

Author:  Pastor [ Fri Nov 14, 2003 12:53 am ]
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He was earmarking his letters to the Secretariat when Pastor was disturbed by the very woman he had sent for, “Aeryn, come in.”

Her black hair was still up in a ponytail, he knew she would have been frightful of seeing him now, especially after their kiss earlier this evening, but he had no time. The lithe woman slid into the chair on the other side of Pastor’s desk with just a nod, “Aeryn what is your designation?”

Aeryn was taken back, Pastor could sense her confusion, “I don’t know what …”

Pastor cut her off, “Please Aeryn, do not make the mistake of lying to me, time is of the essence.”

Aeryn noticeably began to tear up, “I … I work for the Intelligence Directorate, I am designated Fifth Order.” She started to cry.

“Excellent, just the sort of agent I needed. What do you know of Tiavain?”

Aeryn was now in shock, that much he could tell, “I have been there a couple of times, snooping around you know, that sort of thing.”

Pastor smiled, “Excellent. I plan to travel there; I want to meet their leaders in person. Will you accompany me there as my escort of bodyguard?”

Aeryn sniffled a bit and laughed, “But Chancellor, won’t the Ruling Council veto that decision?”

Pastor grinned a schoolboy’s grin, “They would if they knew I was going, but they don’t and won’t as long as we keep it a little secret.”

Aeryn was a bit confounded, “How did you know I was with the Directorate?”

Pastor grinned even broader like a child who just finished his first sand castle; “You are not the only one with their hands into other facets of government. I knew what your orders were and I am the reason they have yet to change. I … well … I enjoy your presence.”

Aeryn smiled and blushed a bit, “Well, I enjoy yours as well, so when do we leave?”

Pastor nodded back, “Tonight, when my personal retinue leaves for the evening. I think that will be safe enough don’t you think?”

Aeryn wiped away her tear, “Yes dear Pastor, I believe it will be perfect.”

Author:  Bundesbank [ Fri Nov 14, 2003 1:21 am ]
Post subject: 

the adepts poured forth.

the preliminary engagements having been fought, the adepts now sought tactical superiority wherever it could be found. the next engagements, he knew, would involve tight coordination between adept armies - the masses of heathens would seek to engage each adept individually, and en masse. the adepts would seek to restrict their movement to unfavourable terrain where their actions and battle order would be predictable. these battalions there, those regiments here, and a legion here.

scouts were relaying information as to the actions of the heathens. they were beginning to re-align their forces for their upcoming operations against the adepts. it was taking them slightly longer than he had expected, but no matter. the superiority in number that the isonians enjoyed made up for the shortcomings of a small minority of isonian commanders.

die bankier and his drow master of thieves deigned that a new tactic would be used, one that die bankier had previously not used - his thieves would infiltrate the lines of the enemy, and engage their armies there, opening up paths for fellow adepts to follow through their attacks.

it worked well, except for where his theives became over zealous and tried to capture territory in his name - skilled in combat though they might be, warriors his thieves were not.

what annoyed him more than that was the sheer volume of messages that were being sent to him by messengers from many isonian guilds - some promising death and destruction, others the combined wrath of darden and foret (oh how he gleamed when he read that: tga vs. isonia+darden, a fine war indeed!), and a few even among the ranks of tiavain complaining about the fact that they were at war when the adepts had attacked. this did not confuse him, as it did most: those who led within the city of tiavain were hypocrites, people of double standards. were the adepts not already engaged in a war when previously the city of tiavain had launched a war against them? wherefor, then, did they complain when they received equal treatment?

sitting atop a recently captured position which dominated the surrounding low ground, he stared across the open plains, bodies strewn about the battlefield. though little else gave him satisfaction, warfare did. a grim smile spread across his face as he watched the sun set.

Author:  Ba ashkai [ Fri Nov 14, 2003 8:39 am ]
Post subject: 

An entire faith declared upon, the Adepts outnumbered completely. However, they were stronger - both physically and mentally. The heathens were amongst the most incapable and weak he had ever seen - his hate for them grew by the minute.

As his first legion marched upon the lands of Isonia it seemed almost too easy. Taking women and children as slaves, killing any man strong enough to fight, taking the lands of the bitch Goddess back to Foret, where it rightfully should be. There was, however, a worry, a complication of sorts. What if so many heathen Realms, no matter how weak they were, marched upon the lands of Ba'ashkai. Surely he would struggle to defend?

With that thought, he marched on. If it was possible, he would reduce the entire faith to just a few acres, making it impossible for them to come back - impossible to raise enough troops to destroy his beautiful Realm. A hard task, yes, but a task that he would enjoy attempting.

Author:  Aranor [ Fri Nov 14, 2003 9:30 am ]
Post subject: 

He had talked to one of his scholars and found out what adept meant and he laughed. Yes they are good at doing something beling idots is about all they are good at. They declare on a whole faith and is going to get destroyed and then they will say about how they took on great odds. Yes it would have been great odds if there had been peace in the lands of Isonia, but there had not been, and the Adepts who thought it would show great skill were only showing how bad of assholes they could be. That is what shows. Some mistakes are made by accident and some things are done just because thier leaders are a bunch of idiots and this is one of the cases here. They were great at being idiots, very fitting that the adepts were since the meaning of adept means being highly skill full at something. Maybe they should add what they are so skill full at which is being fools. Thier kingdoms would fall, and there was not going to be much to stop anyhting there they had bitten off more than they were going to handle so they were Adept Idiots.

My lord so are you saying that the adepts when they fall will blame it on the numbers that they chose? And they will try and say what unfair odds they had picked?

Yes that is exactly what I am saying the thought the Isonians would roll over and just give land since they hit guilds right out of war and from what I heard another besides us that was at war. Its an act of cowardice, had they not known we were still at war it would be one thing. But they knew we were, but of course if you know if it was ever brought up they will use some type of excuse people always do. It is actually quite funny some of the excuses they will try to use.

What do you mean Lord Shadow?

I mead that the Adepts will try to make an excuse of why they would hit guilds at war. Maybe a past mistake made by one of them, maybe just tht they are just looking for a fight but if they had been looking for a fight thier were other choices for war, but no they were looking for a land grab and that will be turned around on them. They will find that this was a grand mistake.

Author:  Taff [ Fri Nov 14, 2003 9:45 am ]
Post subject: 

Taff had just returned from his front line where his troops were disassembling the remenants of the Demonic Reality who had had the affront to attack his realm. He was sweaty and slightly bloody, and in definite need of a soak. He had conjured heat into the bathtub and was just about to step into steaming water when the door burst open. His aide barely notice that Taff was naked.

We are under attack
No, we were under attack, but we put that little episode to an end
No, there are more, Foretian hordes are assaulting our western border.
They fucking well better not be!
They carry banners of the Grand Adeps
Those goat loving bastards?

Before Coren could answer, the rumble of a siege weapon hitting resonated through the room.
A subtle change was coming over Taff, his eyes were turning from their usual cold blue colour, to a deep red. Coren had heard stories about this sort of thing, usually second hand as those in close proximity did not last long. Torn between the urge to run and his loyalty, Coren quickly blurted out.

We are being torn apart out there, we must do something.

Taff started levitating, the room temperature started dropping.
Coren mumbled something about seeing to the troop, and started sprinting down the corridor. One does not last long in the service of an archmage for any length of time without knowing when to run.

Taff's eyes flickered orange, and flames rippled across his body. In his mind, he knew there was always a price for this sort of power, but the price could be paid later, he did not have enough time for that now. The wall exploded before him as he floated through it and hovered 30 foot up in the air. As far as people could look up and see a floating naked burning Elf, the air around them grew cold as Taff drew energy into himself.

He brought his hands together and clasped the fireball growing between them. With a yell of unbridalled fury, he unleased the fire into the sky.
Across the nearest adept land, flames and lighting burst down from an otherwise clear sky, decimating anything that stood above the ground.

Author:  Abhorsen [ Fri Nov 14, 2003 11:11 am ]
Post subject: 

Taff's socerors tore into Abhorsen's fortifications, but Abhorsen didn't know about it until it was too late.

The necromancer knew of the grand plans the Adepts had for the followers of Isonia, and had every intention of joining in the crusade, but it was not to be. He had become lost on the road to the planning meeting, and was very late. So late, that his holdings were under attack, but he did not know if. Despite every attempt he made, he could not join his guildmates in their efforts. This pained him greatly. Frustrated, he transformed.

Even in his great crow form, he could not find his way. There must be some foul magic afoot, this is insane! he thought. Paranoia was nothing new for the usually suspicious necromancer. He scanned the sky, looking for familiar landmarks, but could not find any.

In anger, he cawed and turned South toward his lands.


While Abhorsen flew, the Isonians raped his holdings. Everything. Even the reanimated dead were burned. Almost nothing remained. If Abhorsen did see it, even with his enhanced site in the crow form, he would not have recognized it.

The person trapped under the rubble let out a groan, hoping her lover would hear her and save her before it was too late...

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