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 Flight into Anonymity 
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Post Flight into Anonymity
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Whore! Cruel! Bitch! Nych cringed at the voices that lurked in the shadows of her mind, creeping into the forefront just when she started to relax. She forecully pushed her long dark hair out of her face as if trying to push the taunting whispers back with the same motion. That brief moment of distraction was enough to cause her to walk straight into a thorn bush that she otherwise could have easily avoided. She frowned darkly and began the tedious work of freeing herself from the brambles. Fifteen minutes and countless scratches later, she was free of the shrub and pressing on into the darkness of the forest. She refused to look back over her shoulder at the home she was leaving behind. Everyone there would be glad she had left them anyhow. She glanced up through the dense web of branches and dying leaves overhead to see the crescent moon shining brightly in the ebon sky, a single star daring to venture close to the open arms of that brilliance and sparkling bravely so that it's luminescence matched it's larger counterpart.

False! Slut! Wicked! Tears stung her golden eyes, threatening to blur her already limited vision. She was glad to have left before any of the insults and accusations her mind had been making could actually be voiced by the people she loved more than her own life. She couldn't bear the thought of her friends and family shouting derisively out of her while she was being chased out of town. She could almost feel the impact of imagined rotten vegetables and stones on her back, but what hurt worse were the barbed words that were hurled more visciously than any projectile. She had let everyone down, and she didn't want to see that disappointment making once warm eyes go cold. No, she would face the darkness of the outside world first. No one beyond the borders of their little hamlet knew her name. No one outside of the boundaries delineated by the short stone walls a mile or so beyond the homes and buildings of the town knew her source of pain.

A near blinding flash illuminated the forest floor for a split second, followed almost immediately by a deafening peal of thunder. Nych froze until the rush of a sudden downpour on tired and dry leaves reached her ears. By the time the first fat drop of rain landed on the dusty earth, she had begun running heedless of the branches that snapped in her face and the brambles that ripped at her skirt. She forced herself to keep running, even as the icy cold sheets of water finally overcame the flimsy barrier of autumn leaves and half empty branches and drenched her buxom figure. Another flash of painfully white light exposed a cave in a hillside ahead. The young woman's breath caught in her throat and she stopped, staring uncertainly at this teasing glimpse of shelter. All of her instincts said that there probably were wild animals who had found the cave first and would be unwilling to share.

"It isn't as though I really want to live anyway. This death would be far better than the soul death that waits for me at home." She swallowed her fear and ran forward, only stopping when she reached the mouth of the cave. She squinted her eyes and peered into the inky blackness, hoping for some clue as to what awaited her within. A few tentative steps later she was curling up on the dry hard earth of an empty cave. She closed her eyes, trying to force sleep, but now that she wasn't pushing her body her emotions caught up with her. She sobbed loudly into her dirt covered arm, clutching at her chest. Her heart felt as though it had been cleaved in two and then one half ripped forcefully from her chest. As the first of many tears streaked down her blood and dirt smudged cheeks, she glanced at the cave entrance, thinking of home.

"It was best that I run. They will be happier without me in their lives." Her voice was choked off by another sob and she buried her face once more. "I'll go on. I'll live without them. I'll be strong. It's better this way...."

"I miss them so much."

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Thu Nov 13, 2003 5:37 am
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Things are the same they always are. The thought paused in her head for a few moments, allowing itself to be pondered as the dark-haired woman crouched high up in one of the many trees, staring up at the night sky. It was chilled this night, the air smelling strongly of rain and ozone, and yet she still crouched, even knowing a storm was on its way.

She certainly wasn't dressed for it, or at least didn't appear to be. She wore roughened brown leather leggings and a loose flowing, dark green cotton shirt that seemed to be of a remarkably fine weave for someone appearing more a hermit than well to do townie. Her back was pressed to the trunk of the towering tree, her left knee at a right angle, the other almost touching the branch with her ankle up under her backend. One arm rested loosely across the higher knee, and her other hand was grasping an unstrung bow halfway up, one end planted on the fairly wide branch to help support her weight.

As they always will be. She amended the thought as a hand rose to push back a lock of curly black hair behind an ear, making sure to listen for distant thunder, hoping for a warning of the impending storms. It wasn't as if she was overly worried about the weather, she'd spent more years than she could count in the forests, only entering the neighboring towns and villages when her supplies ran low. A glance at the pack hanging from one of the copious branches surrounding her reminded the woman that such a trip was going to need to be made soon.

Most of her supplies could be scrounged, hunted or even made from what could be found in the woodlands, a bountiful treasure indeed that nature provided. While she was skilled at survival, though, she was no where by far skilled enough to create everything she needed or wanted, and clothing and weapons were high on the list of what she bought or traded for.

No, the weather wasn't something she minded at all, and she'd already discovered a small cave to keep herself for the night, or until the rains passed. There was a stack of firewood collected and waiting at the bottom of the tree she was currently ensconced in, and her pack held more than enough tinder and flint to last for at least a few more days. A rabbit hung from a nearby branch by a cord wrapped tightly around its hind legs, already skinned and gutted, ready for the spit. With that and the greens and tubers she'd collected and planned on roasting along with the rabbit she'd have more than enough food to last her through the night, and at least one serving for the morning as well.

A sudden, blinding flash of light lit the sky about her, and the accompanying clap of thunder that echoed about the woods nearly knocked her from the branch where she perched. The sound of rain falling in a downpour as sudden as the lightning flash surrounded the treed form, though the thick canopy above her kept out all but a little of the drops, leaving her quite dry and protected. Or she would have been protected if it weren’t for the rather prominent light show above.

When the second flash illuminated the area hers eyes were drawn to a shape that hadn't been there earlier, a shape that seemed to be running quite desperately towards the little cave she'd picked out for her own shelter that night. A feeling of unease washed through her at seeing another person, and her hand twitched on the bow she held, now tightly clenched, in her fist. The form was too small to be a man though, and from the glimpse she'd caught in the brightness of the lightning flashed, the form looked to be completely unprepared for not only the whether, but for life in the wilderness in general.

A pained scowl worked it's way onto her carefully sculpted face as something pushed passed the cold exterior she tried very hard to hold firmly in place. The scowl was followed by a sigh of resignation, a hand reaching out to the branch next to her to grab her travelling pack. The bow was leaned against the trunk for a brief moment while she shouldered her pack, the bedroll she carried with it resting against her lower back. Bow once again taken up she used her spare hand and her legs to climb down the tree with a grace that seemed nearly unnatural for a human. At the bottom the firewood was collected, and then the short distance to the cave was closed, enough shelter between her previous perch and the outcropping to keep most of the rain off.

Don't know how that little thing was planning to stay alive out here like that. If something didn't eat her she'd die of hunger. The ebon-haired woman shook her head as she approached the entrance, another flash of lightning silhouetting her and giving her enough light to see the form huddled against the back, very likely freezing.

Well it's too bloody late to find myself another cave in this mess. Her pack preceeded her into the enclosed space, getting tossed against the back wall, not too far off from the form she'd seen enter, and the wood was tossed into the center of the little room. The woman made no move to speak as she leaned the bow near the entrance, nor did she attempt to appear threatening, though she had no doubt the girl would take her as such. What she was taken as was not something she was overly worried about, especially as she was standing between the girl and the only way out, and didn't appear to be in any hurry to move.

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Fri Nov 14, 2003 4:05 am
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