The Red Tide

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The Red Tide

Post by Carlos Danger » Thu Nov 07, 2013 2:31 pm

~A middle aged man sits at a desk perusing papers. His brow furrows a bit as he gets to a specific parchment,
he reads it over and over again. He already has the document memorized but can't help but go over the specifics
again and again. He knows where he went wrong but he wants to be sure the mistake is never made again. Well maybe not a third time. Some things could be prevented but that would take some of the fun out of it. Pen in hand he began to reply when the door to his room busted open.~

My Lord, or should I refer to you as Carlos Danger now? Perhaps if you concentrated more on what you were sent to do here in Seaguard instead of what ever it is you have been doing I wouldn't be here now.

~He had to stop a smile from crossing his lips. His exploits had moved even quicker then he expected. Unfortunately as
much fun as it had been, this moment he did not relish.~

Ah Renner, what a pleasantly unexpected surprise. Please close the door, this inn has quite the ears.

~The door slammed, a look of disdain crossing Renner's face. He stomped to the chair across from the desk~

You failed miserably here, if it were up to me

Its not up to you and if Lord Barnabas wanted me dead I would be dead. No matter what happened here we both know I am the only person for this job. Even now we are positioning ourselves to recruit more of the city to our side and this city will return its fealty to our Lord. My dalliance's if anything have only delayed the inevitable, not stopped the eventual turn of the tide. I must ask for your leave, I have much to do and once I have succeeded we can discuss this at further length.

~Renner began to speak but seemed to think better of it. He tipped his hat and headed to the door, opening it gently but pausing before walking out~

We will discuss it when you fail, and I will be here watching when you do. Your wit and charm may work on some but it will not help when I return for you. There will be no more chances.

~Renner slammed the door, causing the nearby oil lamp to fall over. He collected it from the floor and brought it to his desk. Darkness was falling over Seaguard and he had a long night ahead of him. Orders needed to be sent, information collected and maybe if time allowed a few minor exploits.~
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Re: The Red Tide

Post by Mauhura » Fri Nov 15, 2013 11:00 pm

Snores, and snores, and more snoring. Sleeptime. Hmmms. Nice times. Some low low hummmms and snores and sighs through their tunnels, nice and peaceful. Those sounds of sleeping gobbiez and their kin tucked away in their spots and caves and ruts and homes along the way of a vast tunnel system made a low reverberation that made the tunnelz hum and whisper with life.

Sometimes so warm was the hum of life of her brothers she thought she could cross her arms around herself and pull them near. And hug them close. And hug their necks. Close, close, and so warm in arms she started squeezing and squeeeezing and hugging tight and .... HORRRRANCE!?!

*An old ass grumpy koboldthing spits and yawns. HaaAck!haaccckkkkcoughwhaa!hackpfffffftcoughspitoids. Mazagoblinwench wipes her eyes and mouth with one slobbery swipe and asks the old one: "izdisdatone?!meeztol'chooweezfinumzjeeezzz?" ... The old kobold Horance grunts the affirmative, yep, daz de one dat take de reignz, hail C'HaraH, all! dat de one te bringz de Ranks to hear de Faiiithful Call!

The old kobold spits and grunts and falls back to sleep, leaving Mauhura smirking in the dark and licking at the last bit'o w'Elf ear as she also took a nap. dat piece'a w'Elf in her maw. ha ha ha.
Hail C'HaraH!
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