Coming back to look around. Discord?

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Coming back to look around. Discord?

Post by Lord Andarael » Sun Apr 11, 2021 10:39 pm

Hey, seems like Kaz was pointing old players here to check in and say hi. Is there a big thread for check-ins and seeing who's around on occasion?

Is there a Discord community for old Monarchy/Evernight players? if not I'd be happy to help set one up. It might be an easier or good alternate way to stay connected.

As for who I am...

I used to be Lord Andarael or Andy Icarn or Satanic Ducky or other such names I've since forgotten. I played when I was end of highschool early college (as well as Starcraft).

I was a big Barnabas loyalist and enjoyed the idea of him being falsely accused and cast down and having to fight for revenge. I mean the story does somewhat seem to suggest this happened, but everyone was always treating him as the bad guy. The opposite seemed a far more interesting setup for the story.
Letos seemed to always coordinate together and run spec ops every night to wipe out anyone who was red out of the top several hundred ranks or so.
I recall finding a loophole (or maybe someone suggested something similar and I refined it) to skyrocket to top spot at one point via abusing the intricacies of the tithing system. Fun while it lasted.

I remember being pretty good friends with Lialia and Storm, but beyond that don't recall a lot of details beyond people's names.

Since Monarchy...

I worked for a bit then went back to college for game development, moving to Seattle. I now work in the games industry. Recently I was a 3D Character/Vehicle artist for Exato for several years with a local company, but since they went under I do Pixel and Voxel art for a game called Barony and occasionally other commissions.

I've been getting back to the gym recently as lockdown eases and have been doing quite a bit of rollerskating (quads not inlines).
Other games I've enjoyed recently: Divinity: Original Sin 2, Imperator Rome 2.0 update and other Paradox strategy titles, Total War series, Pathfinder: Kingmaker, etc


I'd love to say hi to anyone else who was around when I was and remembers much about that time. Thanks Kaz and anyone else who's helping to keep the place together.

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