The Red Tide(OOC)

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The Red Tide(OOC)

Post by Carlos Danger » Fri Nov 08, 2013 3:15 pm

Any questions please feel free to ask.

I am opening this up for anyone who is interested. The idea behind it is pretty straight forward I think. The idea originally behind the Carlos Danger character was supposed to just be humorous but in discussion we decided we could put it into a monarchy RP. I have never been a great role player but I have always believe its a great part of what made this community so great.

The current plot is our mystery person (Carlos Danger) is in Seaguard working to sway the people to Lord Barnabas. The idea is to bring semi current events and using the background of Monarchy to combine to make an interesting story. We will see where it goes. The idea works in my head but that doesn't mean it will work out the way I planned but that might not be a bad thing either.

I planning on fleshing out Renner a bit as time goes one and splitting him into a separate poster as he will be working against Carlos and company. To give a small idea, he's is in his mid 50's and has been a follower of Barnabas for a long time. He is fanatical and sees anything other then exact results as failure. They both work under the same person whom I am working on creating. Our main character is a little higher in station due to the success he has had even though he is younger and newer to Lord Barnabas army. As I flesh it out a bit more I will explain the characters here in detail. I just wanted to get it started or I would use anything as an excuse to not post.
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