Learning From The Past

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Re: Breaking Away From The Past

Post by Nagash » Mon Oct 19, 2009 1:39 pm

Sparkyman, I couldn't agree more. :)
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Re: Learning From The Past

Post by Doginiz » Thu Nov 05, 2009 4:35 am

Most people fight change. The old game changed a quite a few times for many reasons. This forum is smart... to make sure people realize you intend this to to be a totally different game. It helps with perspective.

I remember when I started Monarchy. I started with the game, it was interesting and cool. I was recruited from the gaming site that housed Aldebaran to the actual Monarchy site. My first post on the boards... I was flamed. I have a thick skin, so I went with the flow. However, I liked the boards and the community because, no matter what, every one was a real person. The I.Q. was higher than average and most people liked to have fun. I did some serious RP, but I always liked the fun RP and threads more. Most of all, that game had people that were really friends and cared about each other. When those "features" died, that's when I got lost on the old boards. I stayed around for another couple of years, because I had formed the habit of being on these boards and had made a lot of friends. I only finally left after I realized most people, and the fun, were gone and had an "intervention" with a former admin. I come back, though, because if any game, and boards, can ever have that feel again, I believe it is this one.

I was never a big gamer, and I'm still not. I play games for fun. I care about learning enough to win, but if I never learn every intricacy. That was one thing, in all of its incarnations, Monarchy (etc.) always had. That is a good reason to work that code out before moving on. It will always be an easy game to learn and fun to master.

So, as far as the past, I think it would be good to include it in reference and use as appropriate to the rules of these boards and game. Should this be an offshoot of all of the previous incarnations? The link from the old boards made it just that. However, the changes made with active, and fair, moderation will stick over time.
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Re: Learning From The Past

Post by Raknarak » Thu Nov 26, 2009 3:19 pm

To start, I'd like to point out that, for now, I only have the net on my phone, so I haven't attempted any playing of the game. But, with the way I'm being pulled back by the spirit of the boards, I -will- be coming back when I can. I know not every post is happy, and I admit that I'm still avoiding any of the game portion of the boards., but I feel comfortable posting. I don't feel like I'm going to get attacked for saying my opinion. I made the mistake of trying to get into a serious discussion in TB, once. I don't remember what the thread was about, but I remember that it was humorous and had something to do with the military. Before I even posted, I asked friends of mine, in the military, what they thought of it. They thought it was hilarious. So, armed with that, I had gone into the thread, and tried to bring some humor back to a situation that had gone bad, and to try to give Reylan a little backup. What I got was insulted numerous times, told I was worse than CKSlampig, and basically to gtfo. Not just by other members on the board, but by Decae. I basically tore myself away, at that point. I knew that if I'd posted in any other serious threads I would be dogged and flamed relentlessly. Any chance to take a shot at me, they would. So, I faded, and usually just read a little here and there. I had already quit the game, long before, because of politics, a complete lack of opponents, whining and bitching because of being attacked when they attacked someone else moments before we hit them, constant accusations of being dishonorable, shady deals where the guilds would "stay at war" while everyone took their time to rebuild, etc., etc.

Here, though, here feels different. It feels better to come to these boards. I have officially posted more here, in the last week or two, then I did in the last two or three years there.

Are we perfect? Hell no! But, especially with a debate forum, I can go into Comments and find some fun and stupid stuff. I don't need to scroll down for an hour to find something fun. Nothing against those who enjoy talking politics and whatnot, but I'm not online to be serious. I'm online to have fun, and kill time. *LOL* I have enough serious matters in my life to worry about. I have my family to support, bills to pay, food to buy, colleges to plan for(I am starting ASAP), and figured out where to bury bodies(I'm considering praying that my daughters start getting ugly). I don't want to have to see how much worse it is/can be, every time I click into comments.

People here are trying, and it's great. Everyone just needs to leave their O-Monarchy and Canon Pride behind them. Forget it, it's past, it's done. It's the before-time, the long-long ago. Come here expecting to have fun, and then do it! :-P
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Re: Learning From The Past

Post by Immigrant » Fri Nov 27, 2009 9:34 am

Come here expecting to have fun, and then do it! :-P
Well said! Couldn't agree more.

Before pressing "Submit", it's up to each of us to remember why we're online & why we're here, just like you mentioned. Practice who we want to be, not what we were and just have some fun!

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Re: Learning From The Past

Post by Jokingjoe » Fri Apr 02, 2010 5:50 am

Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I was bored and reading the older stuff.

I don't know why we ever quit--the only thing I can think of is Dark Age of Camelot came out in the fall of 2001, and when it did, my whole quad from Judgments Calling got heavily into it...and stayed into it until a year or so ago. Was only after I quit DAOC that I remembered Monarchy/Canon and decided to try and look it up again.

I was never much of a poster on the forums--usually only posting in guild RP threads, 'cause honestly, I was just there to play with friends and we never really cared much about anything except getting everyone together in IRC and bringing down some Barnies and Letos.

And while I'm sure no one will try to flame me for not having an avatar, if you do, don't let me find out who you are in Domination. I seem to be better at this game than I remember since my return end of '09.

Kaz: I have to say, I'm having a blast playing this again after so many years. I've gotten my brother and a friend to play, and I'm pushing anyone who used to play to come back. Yes, it may be old and graphically unstimulating, but I like it!

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Re: Learning From The Past

Post by Hector » Fri Apr 02, 2010 6:28 am

Glad to hear that you have enjoyed your return!
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Re: Learning From The Past

Post by bandit » Thu Apr 26, 2012 2:44 am

This has been kinda sad home coming for me. I do miss the amount of people that was here.

I started playing the game late 99. i remember it well. i was going thru my first divorce and needed something to take my mind off of the stress. A friend showed me how to play and at that time it was at the public library. First game i ever played was chaos. I didnt find the boards till the following age. I didnt read much, it just looked like fun, so i made a posting account. took me almost 7 years to hit 2000 posts on the old boards. I only posted when i needed to in game forums. i stuck mainly in comments, drifting from thread to thread.

i guess when the player base shrank, tempers and egos got huge. i would rather not relive the dark days when there was alot of infighting cause guild X made a bs hit on guild yza. we are better then that to be bitter over a game.

I hope it dont get that bad again. but with human nature, nastiness is usually the first response to something they feel negative.
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