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 A Chase through the Forest(Open to all) 
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Post A Chase through the Forest(Open to all)
OOC: So this forum could use a thread. The idea for this thread is very simple: a woman is chased by some people. We don't know why, we don't know who she is, we don't know who she's chased by. We can fill that in as we go along. You can be whoever you want (a fellow chased person, one of the chasers, a farmer standing by or a noble hero lending a hand).

The sound of her own feet on the gravelled path echoed in her ears and sent quivers down her spine. She cast a bewildered glance downward and increased her pace, as if it was the sound of her footsteps she was running from. She glanced over her shoulder and looked back. the sun had nearly sunk below the horizon and coloured the sky with hues of purple, red and orange. Although she could not make out any sign of her persecutors, the long winding empty road, with its poplar trees on either side, striked fear into her. She clutched at something through her robes and pressed it to her chest...

"Oh Carmichael, how did I get myself into this mess? And, more importantly, how will I get myself out of it?"

Muttering under her breath, she suddenly caught sight of a small hut beside the road, bordering a big, dark forest. Within seconds, she reached its fence and, panting like the worn-out woman that she was, grabbed hold of one of the boards. She looked around and saw a simple logcabin with a thatch roof. Its windows appeared to have been bolted up and she could see no way of light entering the house. Then, the door caught her attention: it too was bolted up but the door itself was broken in two, its beams filled with scratches and...

"I say, good sir! Could you help me please?"

Suddenly, Nessa had spotted the garden and a man that she assumed to be the owner of the house. The man, wearing a straw hat and blue breeches, was on his knees and did not reply. She walked towards him and repeated her question. The man took no notice of her and continued weeding out his vegetable patch. Constantly casting furtive glances at the horizon, Nessa tapped the man's shoulder...

"Please sir, I beg you!"

No reply.

"Sir..I will reward you handsomely... "

The man stood up and stretched, groaning as he reached for his back.

"Please listen to me, I need you to hide me!"

The man did not look at Nessa, nor did he show any sign of hearing her. Instead, he walked towards his shovel and continued his gardening near the brink of the forest. Nessa felt her heart beating in her throat and walked after him, pleading, asking, begging, but to no avail.

"Sir, pleas-"

Nessa was suddenly put to silence by the appearance of a deer on the outskirts of the forest. It was not just any deer: it was white and its antlers were the biggest she had ever seen. The deer jumped out of the forest and turned its brown eyes on Nessa. Then, as quickly as it had appeared, it disappeared again into the darkness of the forest, leaving Nessa in a trance, standing still next to the mute farmer.

"There she issss!! "

Nessa suddenly woke up as she heard the cries of her persecutors in the distance. She stared back at the road and saw dark silhouettes moving in rapidly. She did not to stop to think and ran into the forest, scratching herself and her dress on the bramblebushes that marked the entrance of the forest...

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