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 Party at InX's house(Law vs InX) 
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Post Party at InX's house(Law vs InX)
The night had been a long one, O'Leary thought to himself. Soothsayer had been kept up all night with late meetings with captains such as myself. Only now have I, O'Leary, been had to make an escape from the hectic times to bring this message to those of InX and to the attention of those that have heard rumors of our advancement on InX's borders...

The following proclamation comes from the pen of Soothsayer....

To those of InX, I send my greetings. I, Soothsayer, leader of the armies of allegience of LAW, write this humble note to you. We have invaded your lands. Our intentions are simple. Your people must be liberated from the false and overbearing rule of Foret. We must compliment you on your defenses, they were quite difficult to break, but our cause has given us such motivation that I doubt anything would have stopped our actions. The loss of lives on both sides is regrettable and we hope to make all possible conviences for you to be able to join Isonia, or if you feel that you must continue as Foretians, all possible channels of communciation with those of LAW. We wish you luck in your endevors.



Leaving the letter with one of the messangers of InX, O'Leary turns to leave and whispers to himself, "That Sayer sure talks a lot"

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Flint looked over a set of scrolls sitting upon the table. The chandelier above him, modest, yet bright, swayed gently with the light swell that whispered outside. A window was open, letting in the sometimes sharp, sometimes mellow scent of the sea. In the distance, he heard a blast. Someone was on the offensive.

It was sometimes difficult to fight a war from the sea, when your target was landbound. Your range was limited, and the only way to really wreak havoc was to send boats of raiding parties ashore. While there were men aboard who greatly enjoyed doing this, any true man of the sea hated the fact that the earth stood so still.

Fetching the first scroll, he saw the hasty scrawl of O'Leary upon it. It was a note detailing the battle strategy currently being followed, requsting his approval. Dipping his pen into a small inkpot embedded in the table, he signed his authorization. Not that it was truely needed, Flint had his full trust in O'Leary's abilities.

Gunwallis Flint remained in his cabin, maps and scrolls in hand, smiling to himself as he became more and more pleased with the outcomes of this little war. Perhaps Isonia had finally decided to smile upon them, after the difficult times of the past months. It was time at last to move.

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The days following the fierce battles were quiet, a little too quiet.

Soothsayer sat down at his desk once again,

To the honorable followers of Foret,

Those of you waving the banners of InX, I greet you. As of now I have not received word as of your current condition and whether you are regrouping or simply waiting to pick up the pieces of many shattered realms. As a commander of the armies of LAW, I am inclined to be on the defensive and suspect regrouping is in the works.

The battles have slowed and my men are hesitant to celebrate victory perchance they should be slaughtered in their less-than-sober state.

We that carry the sacred symbol of LAW and Isonia on our banners are honorable and do not wish to continue the bloodshed of those that have lost hope of a better day.

I send my condolences and offer you a channel to get in contact with me

Sayer sealed the lettered closed with his personal symbol and handed the document to his trusted messanger.

God speed my friend. Please do not return to me without gaining the audience of the leaders of InX. We must know whether to hold or to strike. Be careful of the way, it will most likely be treacherous.

Without question, Sayer's messanger turned and left the chamber.

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