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 Maxim Revolution (open) 
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Post Maxim Revolution (open)
The waves crashed down upon me again pushing me further up the beach; dragging my face through the wet sand and swirling seawater. I gagged on reflex, vomiting up copious amounts of seawater and bile. My stomach clinched with every body wracking spasm as I attempted to rid myself of the sea’s poison.

I dug my hands into the sludge that cradled me and pulled myself up past the tide line onto dry sand. Sweet air filled my lungs fully for the first time as I paused to muster my strength and pull myself higher on the beach. I rolled onto my back panting heavily as I blinked the sand from my eyes and noticed the seagulls circling above me.

My mind drifted back over the last things I remembered…

The sails creaked above me as the wind billowed them out. The pennants lining the foremast cracked in the growing wind as lightning in the distance silhouetted the ship. The wooden cage that I was in was cramped and barely large enough for me to stand. Dimly I could see my guard leaning against one of the support beams that ran from the deck down to the keel.

A blinding flash of light jerked my head around. I could see fire blossoming in the canvas sails, flames fleeing down the rigging. It looked like what I imagined a spider web in hell would look like.

Men were running past me, rocking the cage back and forth in their rush to escape the holds and fight the fires that threatened the ship. I could hear the Captain and the other Officers issuing commands to the sailors. The Captain’s voice was the loudest and so I listened to it closer, more intently, with a burning hatred that surprised me.

There was another flash of light and then the world around me exploded. The cage I was in splintered as it was tossed against the side of the ship with terrific force. For a moment I was free!

Then the sea claimed me and I was sucked down into oblivion…

That was the last thing I remembered. Being a prisoner.

I got to my feet carefully and surveyed my surroundings. To the left the beach dwindled to the sheer rock face of the cliffs. To the right the beach twisted out of sight around a rocky outcrop. I had only one way to go.

The need for a weapon of some sort filled my mind and I searched for something anything to use to that purpose. In a tangle of driftwood I found a long slender stick that was solid and hard, it would make a great waling staff as well as a weapon. I walked to the edge of the sea, the unforgiving sea and splashed its cold waters upon my face and washed as much of the sand and grim from my hands and chest.

As I plunged my hands into the water they burned. I had not noticed the pain earlier because I had been so focused on remembering and expelling the water from my lungs and my being.

I had been tattooed. On the back of each hand was the image of a blood red rose, its stem wrapping up and around my wrists. I did not remember getting the tattoo, nor did I recognize them.

Putting the mystery aside I wandered to the right, up the beach and around the rocky outcrop. I paused for a moment to catch my breath. As I stood there panting I realized something quite strange, I had seen no debris from the wreckage of a ship. I had seen no footprints, no sign of other survivors. Nothing greeted my gaze but sand, craps and driftwood.

It was then that I noticed the smoke rising in the distance, many small columns of smoke – a fishing village!

"fortes fortuna adiuvat"

Tue Jun 08, 2004 8:41 pm
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Sayer enjoyed his days alone. Recently they had come few and far between. With the constant wars and his people panicing about the mysterious ooze, it had been a while since he was able to escape from his keep.

O'Leary I must ask you for a large favor

Sayer paused and looked around the room to see that all of his things were in order. Though from a far his kingdom seemed very intimidating, Sayer had always kept few possessions and very modest living quarters.

These past few months have worn on me. I feel as though my body has aged by 20 years because of it. I need a few days away and I was hoping you would be able to look after things while I'm away.

Sayer threw a look up to O'Leary. He could see his excitement at the prospect but then he covered it with his pride.

Shouldn't be a problem my friend. I spent more than 10 years...

GREAT! Sayer interrupted....

I shall be away no longer than a week. If something needs my attention I shall be visiting my usual locations. But make sure it is worth my time O'Leary. Goodbye my friend and my Isonia be with you

Sayer had been preparing for this moment. All of his things had already been packed in the carriage that was to take him to his yacht. He simply got up and left and O'Leary found himself alone in Sayers study.....

The open sea always seemed to calm Sayer's nerves. He didn't realize how long it had been since he had traveled in his yacht alone. He decided he would make his first stop at one of his favorite fishing villages. The company was always welcoming and the food was wonderful. It slowly became visible on the horizon and O'Leary began to relive his old memories of his many visits.

Suddenly off to the left just on the shore, he spotted a man struggling along the beach.

Hmm...seems he must either be shipwrecked or he must have escaped from trouble.

Sayer continued to contemplate the possibility of running into trouble with this stranger.

Either here or in town, I doubt I can avoid it

Sayer always had an exaggerated picture of his fighting abilities and it persuaded him to make a stop and find out if this stranger was a friend or a foe to these parts.

In nature's infinite book of secrecy
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Fri Jun 11, 2004 2:34 pm
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Lord Felldon rested his head upon his hand as it rested on the great mantle that crossed over the fireplace in his study. Crumpled in his right hand was the note he had only just received.

Lord Felldon,

Your ship Ella's Tears has not arrived. I fear that the storms that recently crossed our shore are to blame. The package has not arrived. Payment for our services, even if they are not performed, will be paid as per our agreement.

Sebastian C'Olteur

His ship was gone, his brother was gone.

Lord Felldon stood up quickly a plan forming in his mind, he needed another ship. He could follow the route that Ella's Tears had taken and search for any debris, survivors, anything.

He grieved for his brother but more than anything, the most important thing was the package - there were to many questions, to many problems associated with the package.

It had to be delivered, at any cost...

Lord Felldon
The Hawk
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Fri Jun 11, 2004 8:33 pm

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It was close to sunset. I played with my friends a lot. But what can you expect from a 13 year old. I helped my father with my fishing, sometimes, I would help my mother, if time didnt impeded it.

But now, time to play. We were playing hide n' seek. Close to sunset, almost dark, its the best game to play. It was Demitrio time to count. We all ran to hide.

Come on Kinky. Catch up. You dont want us to find us.

Sure. Easy for you to say. You're legs aren't as stubby as mine.

We were running in the sand. then we went into the jungle.

After a short while, I couldn't find Ryo. He must have gotten to much of a head start. He must have gone to the little creek that we usually go. But I couldn't be too sure.

I stopped a second to think where Ryo could have gone. We are about 20 min from the village, but usually we never venture ourselfs this far from the village, especially during these hours. Where could he have gone.

I heard a rustling sound.
I hid myself from view.

I could see a man, I could see he could barely get on his feet. He looked weary, tired.

What could he doing here. The village is too off to be in the direct path of strangers. Last time one came by here was about 3 months ago.

I ran as fast as possible to the village to inform my father.

Sat Jun 12, 2004 12:44 am
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The woman sat on the rocks her vision tearlessly focused on the horizon. Her tears had dried months ago. Now all that was left was a void in her heart. A void that ached dully day in and day out.

She remembered back to that day. He had embraced her, whispered sweet nothings in her ear. Kissed her as if his very life had depended on drawing her last breath from her lips. He had promised her he would return.

He had promised he would return, a dry sob clawed at her throat. She opened her mouth and a cry so low and so mournful escaped her lips. A cry that almost called the dead to her. It was her cry for death, but death never came. She threw herself on the rocks and wailed til no sound came from her throat. Sleep would overcome her exhausted body and she would sleep fitfully. Waking in the early morning she would drag her weary body home and sleep the sleep of the dead til the sun broached across the windowsill.

This had been the pattern of the woman since the day news had been received that her lover would not return. The villagers had grown used to it over time. In the beginning they had sort to comfort her and cajole her but she would have no of it. In the end they left her to her own devises.

Sat Jun 12, 2004 6:05 am

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Father father. There is a stranger. He is heading to the village.

What can you tell me about this stranger.

Well, I only took a glance at him, and came running here. He seemed wounded, exhausted. He doesnt seem to be much of a threat.

He was exhausted. Seemed like he was born from the sea. Few algy was hanging from his clothes. His hair was wet, he was sunburned from being exposed to the sun for some days.

There is no chance that he would carry hostile intentions towards us.

Father seemed upset. Like he didnt want to be bothered. But I couldnt have just not have told him.

Come with me.

As we went out of the house, father signaled some townsmen to follow him. We were heading towards the elders house.
He always seemed to know what do in every situation.
It was wise of my father to go and talk to him.

Tue Jun 15, 2004 5:48 pm
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He watched the woman as she straggled up the road from lookout point. He watched her every morning as he prepared his nets for the days fishing. On occasions he had actually ventured down to the rocks and attempted to encourage her to return to her home. Many of the villages had given up on her and left her to come to her senses or perish at the mercy of the elements. He had almost given as well but he couldn’t quite shake the feeling of responsibility he felt for her. Her lover had been his best friend, he was to have been their attendant at the ceremony where they would commit themselves to each other.

As she walked past she looked in his direction and he smiled and acknowledged her presence but it was as if she looked without seeing. The door of her croft shut loudly behind her and he put her from his mind returning to the task at hand. At the same time he also pondered the stranger that arrived in town the night before. News travelled fast in the small settlement and fact was quickly woven with fiction to create rumour. He’d heard that the stranger had been shipwrecked, but he found that quite hard to fathom as they had not had inclement weather for several days now and there certainly was no flotsam along the beach. He shook his head and once again returned to the task at hand.

Wed Jun 30, 2004 5:06 am
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